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Unglued Winter Retreat 2019

When we dreamed up a Winter Retreat this past year we had a lot of ideas that we tried to play out but just didn’t click.  But on one fateful night when a friend mentioned “Man, the Sons of Norway Troll Bar would be perfect for a tiki night” it dawned on us….the Sons of Norway Bar COULD be a one night tiki bar AND be a venue for our Winter Retreat!!  So in less than a month’s time we met with the wonderful people of the Sons of Norway, committed to hosting Unglued: Winter Retreat there on March 9, and put registration up that sold out in 13 hours for 120 retreaters to join in it was a go!  So light a candle, sip some hot cocktail, pretend it’s still winter, and enjoy these photos by M Schleif Photography (unless otherwise noted)!

Unglued: Winter Retreat officially kicked off Saturday morning at Drekker Brewhalla with optional Viking Yoga led by Courtney of CrossFit Icehouse and SHE KILLED IT.  Beer was included.  So everyone won.

Then a blizzard began.  A real mother effin’ blizzard.  But we were all pretty much in town already including retreaters from New York, Georgia, Kansas, South Dakota, and beyond so it set quite the tone for it really living up to WINTER Retreat in early March.  You know, when that sh*t could easily have been sunny in the 70’s here in North Dakota instead.

After heading to Sons of Norway for the remainder of the day to the world’s most bomb ass Norwegian breakfast with the largest sausages I’ve ever seen (hence why the internet wouldn’t be able to handle images of them) the handcrafted fun of the Retreat began!

The goal was to be chill AF.  And to be a crafty oasis in the dead of winter to revive your soul.  This place was LIT with patterned wallpaper, trolls hiding everywhere, and even a HYGGE STATION.

Retreaters chose from 11 workshops in each of 2 workshops sessions taught by local badass incredibly talented makers and artists.

Picture the crafty vibes of lefse 101, punch rug hooking, sauerkraut making, creating a watercolor field kit, leatherworks, hand lettering, mixology, embroidery, and ROSEMALING.


Even a SAUNA.  You guys.  Log the Sauna joined us for the workshop sessions to learn traditional sauna lessons and hygge 101.  Magic everywhere.

There were breaks, there were DIY crafty buckets to keep entertained in between the fun with, and then there was Oddvig from Norway and the downtown shop Stabo Scandinavian Imports who even made you waffles during a break session.

The food was all done by Sons of Norway’s Phil and holy smokes is Phil awesome.  So awesome that we’ll all be going back for every week day lunch hour until the end of time or at least for pie days there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Always.

The 3rd session was the Crafty Party Time:  5 stations of DIY goodness from customizing your retreat coffee mug to makin’ a candle or screen printing with Amy Jo and TOOTH or even getting your hard cider 101 on with Wild Terra Cidery.  That was fire.

After enjoying 3 tasty as all heck meals (thanks Phil!), 3 crafty workshop sessions and parties, and waffles from Oddvig it was time to both meditate and #besweatpants with Randi Kay from Naturally Randi Kay AND really take it next level and retreat luau it up.

(photo from Randi Kay’s phone!)

Of which happened and it was amazing.  The people danced.  The people sang.  The people became sharks and all hula’d together and all was right in the world.  We then left to find our cars literally buried in parking lots and snow but it was all a part of the Retreat experience.

But it wasn’t quite over!  The next morning was the optional Wild Terra brunchy brunch option of which you need to enjoy these food envy photos of and then go there on their next Sunday brunch so it can be real life.

Next year.  We’ll see you at Unglued: Winter Retreat 2.0.  There will be trolls.  More rosemaling.  And just what your soul craves.  #retreatyourself

Also you know who’s awesome?  These local businesses that helped create this experience for everyone and keep killin’ it at making Fargo more awesome.  Including Drekker + Wild Terra + Stabo Scandinavian Imports + Game GiantProof Artisan Distillers.  Be sure to check out CrossFit Icehouse while you are at it and Sons of Norway!!

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