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Aug 26-28 & Sept 2-4, 2022

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Welcome to


"I regret nothing." - Ron Swanson
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Unglued Summer Camp

It's coming. 
The most epic weekend of summer since your childhood summer camp.

But in 2022 you get to choose your own Camp adventure.  Wake up to trumpet calls.  Sleep in ‘til breakfast with fancy pants coffee and mimosas.  Learn new skillz in all our kick ass workshops taught by local makers.  Skip the workshops and play kickball or sunbathe all afternoon.  Join the (themed!) dance party.   Or be a wallflower and sneak out for unlimited s’mores.

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7th Annual Summer Camp

Our 7th Annual Unglued Summer Camp is coming atcha with TWO FREAKIN’ WEEKENDS for the 3rd time.  Yes, we’ve earned the 5 timers club jacket, went through a timewarp of 2020-2021 with our sour dough bread by our side, and here we are.  You’ll choose from Aug 26-28 or Sept 2-4, 2022 at the beautifully campy YMCA Camp Cormorant in Lake Park, MN about 50 minutes east of Fargo. 


Registration is by lottery, baby, and will open in early to mid-June.


Feast your eyes below for more information on all that is Unglued Summer Camp.  NOTE:  this is currently getting updated to 2022 real life.  In this moment on May 20, 2022 we are currently getting it up-to-date.  

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You know that amazing feeling you’d leave with after camp was done as a kid?  The kind where you realize you just made the best friends ever, ran around like crazy pants to pull pranks on other cabins, played your mind out of camp games, took time to create things with your own little hands, crushed on cute camp counselors, ate somewhat crappy/awesome food, and had the best ever carefree days?  (and this time we’ve all got a much lower metabolism).

“The only thing that would have been more amazing is if woodland creatures would

have gathered around our feet and led us in song.” – Past Camper

Well now you’re 21+ and we’ve got you covered.  This time with amazing food, mixology 101, and not-your-typical-camp-creations.   The weekend is yours, but know if you earn at least 5 merit badges throughout it you’ll get yourself some pretty damn awesome take-home swag.

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What’s included??

  • Lodging in campy camp cabins.

  • All your food (campfire foods and cotton candy to late night tacos and damn delicious meals)

  • Unlimited s’mores.  It’s a thing you maybe didn't even know you needed.

  • All your drinks (fancy brewed coffee and everything from mimosas to beer to cocktails).  Your cocktail-loving ass should note now that our crazy awesome booze beverages are served by bartenders at specified times until 11pm so you don’t jump in the lake having had too much in a pitch black thunderstorm.  And we have leveled up our mocktail game.  You're welcome, self.

  • Projects and new skills learned led by local and regional artists and makers (all supplies included as they should be).  4 full workshop sessions + approximately one million extra crafty DIY opportunities.

  • Fitness badges (chill out – we’ve included hangover bootcamp to meditative yoga).

  • Epic themed dance party.

  • More.camp.goodness.  Truly.  Not just the seltzer that came in hot when pandemics hit.

“I’m a super high strung, young-ish professional that has a hard time letting loose or getting away for a weekend. Camp allowed me to relax and recharge. I even told my best friend that I haven’t laughed so hard or enjoyed myself as much as I did at camp!” – Past Camper

Our mission = inspire the hell out of you to get creative, recharge, and connect with new friends from the region and beyond by bringing back those carefree summer camp vibes in one epic weekend full of adventure, relaxing, and making.  


Workshops to the tune of something like:  Indigo Dying, Morning Mixology, Sour Dough Bread Basics, Watercolor Painting, Hand Lettering, Waxed Canvas, Candle Making, Woodworking, Macrame, Baking, Screen Printing, Dumpling Making, and more.  Lots more.  Your mind will be blown.  This isn't just a friendship bracelet and tie dye craft camp...although you'll have plenty of opportunities to keep it classic, too.


Let's Mastercard assess Camp tickets:

Place to crash = $200

(2 nights vacation - that’s like hotwiring a cheap hotel with friends)

All food = $120+

(low end of a vacation for like 2.5 days...but this is damn delish)

All draaanks = $80+

(like if you’d have basic drinks...but this is talkin’ handcrafted cocktails,

Drekker craft beer, damn fine coffee from Thunder Coffee)

Kick ass workshops = $160+

(led by the best ever local makers + supplies included to create LEGIT projects and

learn BADASS skills all in one place + to earn merit badges to)

Bonus projects = $30+

(we just can’t help ourselves)

Camp swag = $30+

(you gotta have somethin’ for the memories to hold you over ‘til next summer!)

Fitness fun = $40

(like if you’d do a day gym but this is the real deals with choices including yoga, bootcamp, and dance)

Epic themed dance = $20

(if you were paying the cheapest cover for a rockin’ dance party

but this includes 2 enormous body thumpin’ subwoofers we roll in and a THEME)

FRIENDS = priceless

(you didn’t see that coming?  old friends, new friends...can you really put a price on that?)

Total = $680+


But Unglued Summer Camp is just $320

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Our post-camp surveys include quotes from the people like:

“The workshops were legit as f*ck.”
“This was one of the most fun weekends of my life.  My husband also agrees!  I will be coming every year for the rest of my life!”
“Camp was amazing!  I felt myself slowly morph into my 12-year-old-self and had a renewed sense of creativity when I got home.”
“You kick ass. I came home knowing I could too. :)”
"I'm so full."

Do I register now?

Our registration is via Lottery (read more below) that will open on June 8, 2022 for 72 hours.  You'll fill out a quick form to add yourself and up to 3 of your besties (if you only want to Camp it up if your ride or dies get in).  You’ll be choosing which weekend you want to enter the Lottery for OR check off both if either would work for you (and thus increase your chances as well).  After the first round you’ll be entered into the next round Lotteries until all camp bunks are claimed.


Yes.  Lottery.  Trust us, you can handle this and we can, too.  If you didn’t hit the registration button at exactly 6pm previous years you didn’t get in and people cried.  It was stressful. 


This will sound like a lot, but it's easy:  If you get in during the first round Lottery draw you’ll be notified via email and receive a link to your email to pay for your Camp spot (and to each of your individual friends’ emails if you entered the Lottery with them).  You will have 24 hours to purchase your Camp spot.   Any tickets not claimed in 24 hours will go to our 2nd round Lottery if needed and we’ll hold further Lottery draws as needed for any unclaimed bunks.  You will not receive an email if you did not get in through the Lottery until the main Lottery process is complete.  

Normally anyone left on our Lottery automatically is added to the Wait List, but since our Lottery was ENORMOUS last year you will later be able to enter a Wait List separately so we know you still want in on the time of your life if a spot opens.



We totally get it. You can sure as hell think about it, but Camp does have a max that we are expecting to reach during the short little Lottery!  If you snooze on it, you’ll have a lame end of summer.  And no, unfortunately if you were the only 1 of your 5 friends who didn’t join the Lottery right away we can’t get sneak you in (emoji sad face right there).  But we will feel bad for you because FEELINGS.  But there's still a wait list to get on (hopeful face).

“It was SO AWESOME to spend 48 hours with so many badass people.  I left feeling so motivated (and a little hungover)…but mostly motivated to go out and kick some ass.” – Past Camper



Camp begins Friday evening between 7-8pm with check-in and commences Sunday afternoon around 2-3pm following a merit badge closing campfire.

Here’s a little possible (POSSIBLE) itinerary for anyone like me (Ashley) who needs to know more information and definitely not less:


  • 7-8pm – Arrive and get started with a beach patio mixer.  Coming alone?  We’ll take care of that!  #introvertsunite!

  • Beach Patio Chill Sesh

  • Camp Orientation

  • Campfire Fun, Trivia, (outdoor) Pop Heaven Sing-a-long


  • Trumpet Call

  • Fitness Badge options

  • Camp Clubs + Breakfast

  • Workshop Session 1 options

  • Workshop Session 2 options

  • Lunchy Lunch

  • Free Time (sunbathing, water things, field things, naps)

  • Epic Camp Battle

  • Workshop Session 3 options

  • Happy Hour / Free Time

  • Dinner Time

  • Dance Lounge Opens

  • Dance Party with subwoofers dubbed "homewreckers."  2021 brings Homewreckers 2.0 built by Justin.  Again.  


  • Trumpet Call

  • Fitness Badge Options

  • Early Risers Continental Breakfast / Punch-Someone-in-the-Face-Because-I’m-too-Tired-Coffee

  • Bruuuuuunch!  Holla!

  • Workshop Session 4 options

  • Commemorative Camp Swag Making

  • Lunch Lady Leftovers to Grab for the Road

  • Commence around 2pm-ish because we are over 21+ and need to sleep for an afternoon before going back to the grind

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“I was really impressed by how camp managed to be simultaneously so well organized and so laid back.  I liked that there was a lot of formal structure, but that there was no pressure at all to follow it if you didn’t feel like it.  The entire atmosphere was exactly what it needed to be – fun, open, and relaxed.” – Past Camper

Basically, we want you to come.  We love you.  We love lamp.  We love CAMP!  

There’s some FAQ’s further down to get your head spinning with details if you are the kind of person that loves that (I do so *pats self on back.*)  Otherwise you should just go ahead and:

Check out our 2021 Camp Blog Recap!

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Float down memory lane to 2021 Unglued Summer Camp...

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You are welcome here.

We do not tolerate discrimination.

Unglued Camp will not tolerate discrimination of any kind to anyone involved in Camp including race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, or genetic information per Unglued's discretion. We have zero tolerance for harassment. This is grounds for immediate dismissal without warning from Camp per Unglued's discretion.

Basically, be awesome.





“There were several times that I asked myself, “What the f*ck am I doing?” (ex. Running through the dark camp in a shark costume in the pouring rain.) But it all added to the adventure.” – Past Camper