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Youth Camp


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2023 update:

Hello interested campers!

Kids Camp is coming!  We will have updated info here around April 1, 2023!


***Info below is from our Summer 2021 Kids' Camps to peek at and see how it worked last year for now!

Let’s get real:  We are so excited to have an in-person Unglued Youth Summer Camp this summer, that we are able to make work by moving our camp venue to the Plains Art Museum!!  During camp, masks will be required to be worn by campers and crew (and Plains Art Museum staff and visitors) unless eating and drinking. When you sign up your camper for our 2021 camps, we want you to be aware that due to the uncertainty of this time, our plans may change, which could result in canceling camp (and we’ll issue you a full refund if so) or going virtual (we would email you the details and give you the option to stay registered or get a refund).  We do NOT anticipate this, but after a year of life changing so quickly we want all of us to be on the same campy page!

Also our age/grade ranges have changed!  We are now offering Unglued Youth Summer Camp for makers who have completed grades 3rd-5th and 6th-8th!  We hope this helps our past campers of the last 7 years participate again after years of requests for this – see more below!

2021 dates:

June 14-17:  completed grades 6th-8th 9am-noon

July 12-15:  completed grades 3rd-5th 9am-noon

July 12-15:  completed grades 3rd-5th 1pm-4pm

Aug 2-5:  completed grades 3rd-5th 9am-noon

Tickets to camp are now open HERE for 2021

If a camp sells out, we highly recommend getting on our waitlist to be notified as seats open up OR to be the first to know if we add any additional camp sessions.  Typically in the first week especially of registration we have seats that open due to scheduling conflicts, etc. and can notify you if you are on the waitlist.  A minimum of 6 campers is needed for each camp.  If this isn’t reached 3-4 weeks prior to camp we’ll issue you a full refund!

Each camp is 9am-noon Mon-Thurs except for the July 12-15 date that has a camp from 1pm-4pm. Campers arrive each morning between 8:50am-9am and get picked up by their parent/guardian at noon for the morning camps and arrive between 12:50-1pm with pick-up at 4pm for the afternoon session.

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Camp Details!
Inspire your child and teen this summer to make, create, and explore at our 8th annual Unglued Summer Camps in downtown Fargo!  Join in for our 4-day morning crafty adventures in June, July, or August 2021 with our Unglued crew featuring the crazy talented Lexie Rundquist (owner and designer behind Aerow) as our main camp instructor and Kristina Lau (owner and candy curator of Yeobo Sweet Shop) as our camp director!


Campers will have the chance to unplug and enjoy a campy-themed experience.  They will make projects, enjoy green space time, and have fun (seriously fun) snacks!  Projects will range from adventure skills to crafty skills.  They will get both their right and left brain engaged with projects such as crafty skills with painting and sewing, plant and gardening skills, science-related making projects, and more.  Each day has a merit badge theme including: The Lab (science), Explorer, Botany (plants!), and Chef Day (kitchen) – all with a next level artsy feel.  Additionally, campers will receive an apron with their name to add merit badges on each time they accomplish a new skill.

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Each camp will additionally be full of surprises for campers – these can include special guest artists, adventure trips downtown, and more!

*Grades indicated are grades COMPLETED!  Campers will be cancelled out of camp if they register for the wrong age/grade and a refund will be sent.

Camp Pricing – includes EVERYTHING! All supplies for daily workshops, outdoor and indoor adventures downtown, snacks, special guests, camp apron/badges, fancy pants special gifts, and more!:

1 camp registration = $230/camper

Due to our limited camp availability this year and crazy demand, there are no discounts available. Please know we price this camp as competitively and cost-effective as possible to include all the awesome fun and experiences your camper will have!

Camp registration is NOT refundable due to limited camp size but can be transferred to a camper in the same age group, unless it is for Covid exposure or a camper having Covid.  So be sure to check your schedule before registering!

We try to work with most food allergies (you will need to indicate this on our pre-survey you receive after registering).  However, your camper is welcome to bring their own snack if needed, too.  Summer Camp will take place at the Plains Art Museum 3rd floor Dawson Room in Fargo with short walks to green space to have outdoor time when feasible and experiences as weather permits.

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What are past campers saying??​

“You have exceeded our expectations again!” – Returning Summer Camp parent

“My camper enjoyed every bit of camp! She especially likes creating her own foods/drinks and going on the roof top. She enjoys all of the creating! The organization and planning that goes into each day is incredible! You make each day exciting!” – Returning Summer Camp parent

“The number of activities was impressive for one week. As a parent I enjoyed the info sheet that was given at the end of each day. It was a great way to get my camper to talk about all the things she did that day. She loved sharing all the different things she did and made with family!” – New Summer Camp parent

“The kids had a great week and have been into “making stuff like at unglued” since camp. 🙂 Thank you!!!” – New Summer Camp parent


“We are always impressed with the things planned for Unglued camp… it’s really next level stuff. My kids are not impressed by elmers glue and popsicle sticks, so Unglued really helps give us all new ideas while being a really fun experience for the kids!” Returning Summer Camp parent


“This camp was amazing!! I was so impressed with everything you did. My camper came everyday so excited to tell me what she did. I know one of the days she did not want to leave. We will be back next year for sure!!” New Summer Camp parent

Tickets to camp are now open HERE!

Prior to camp you will receive a pre-survey so we get any allergies listed, camp shirt size, and more.  Got questions?  Just email us at!  Due to the limited sizes, refunds cannot be given for cancellations but you are welcome to transfer your registration to another camper in the same age/grade group and we will help as well.  We can’t wait for camp!

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