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May 11, 2024

Unglued Spring Retreat Logo.png

Spring snow piles bring May flower crowns and...

Spring Retreat

Get ready for it…
Gingham and florals.
Coffee and scones.
English Tea Party Happy Hour.

Garden cocktails.
Spring fling workshops.
Your custom tea and Unglued infuser.
All-retreat Evening Crafty sesh.


2024 Spring Retreat

It’s official:  we’ll be hosting our Spring Retreat on Sat, May 11

at Crooked Lane Farm in Colfax, ND!

So grab your gingham, florals, and get ready to PLANT THINGS, MAKE THINGS, and ENJOY THINGS May 11 with us. 


It’s time to Spring Fling.

Thunder Coffee Logo-01.png

You just spent the last 7 months sometimes cozied up watching Netflix with some hot cocoa and sometimes outside with shorts on (?!) wondering if you should be grateful or terrified was 50 degrees in January, and now there is an actual winter storm.  In late March. 

You're stuck in the real life Midwestern Spring Meme.

But suddenly you’re in the opening of a childhood movie and there’s cartoon bluebirds chirping “it’s gonna be a bright sunny day” as the giant cartoon yellow daffodils and tulips raise their faces to the sky and sigh in happiness - and somehow you don’t have allergies anymore. 

You are ready for a real SPRING FLING BABY.

“I love how relaxed Retreat is. It's a fantastic day to craft, drink, eat, and just make what you want of the day surrounded by amazing people. It's the perfect event because there's lots to do, but if you just want to sit under a blanket on a porch all day you can!” – Past Attendee


You'll find everything here:

Your first campfire of the season.


A bold cup of Thunder Coffee times as many as your new spring energy needs.  

Screamin' Spring workshops - from wood turning a pie server to making stained glass flowers to fan fave blacksmithing with Ralf - and then a whole lot more variety to start to refresh your gallery walls and fresh foodie life.  All taught by your favorite local makers and new ones to discover.  

A custom blend of tea from Chai Moto with your new Unglued customized tea infuser.

The great outdoors in farm life style thanks to magnificent hosts Mary Jo and Brent.  

A botanical and now tea-inspired cocktail/mocktail made by bar boss Langston.

And farm dog Maxine patiently waiting at the end of the literal crooked lane for you to arrive for the fun.  Probably next to a puddle to jump in with your galoshes, but also some gingham.


What is Unglued: Spring Retreat?  

A one day crafty awakening with wholesome farm vibes and springtime charm.

Picture pulling up to your farm life fantasy with big ol’ shiplapped red buildings and twinkly lights surrounded by sprawling farm land and a friggin’ neighboring vineyard, riding a hayride to said neighboring vineyard for a wine tasting, taking a wood turning or barn quilt craft workshop for the first time in your life, feasting on fresh spring desserts after your delightful lunch as you coax farm dog Maxine to be your buddy, all while you cheers with a botanical cocktail next to a sparkling campfire as you make your first-of-the-season s'mores with your new best friend where the farm life vibes are going hard AF.  And then you enjoy an evening dinner of champions followed by one last craft session with Knask Designs.

Joanna and Chip Gaines couldn’t even handle this farm dream realized. 


Your $204 Spring Retreat ticket will include:

  • 3 full workshop sessions – 3 you sign up for with local makers around April 22 + bonus DIYs.

  • 2 meals + welcome scones – like a delightful lunch deliciousness of a giant salad bar & fancy bread and an evening dinner of champions with bangers and mash and more.  DESSERT(S). 

  • SNACKS – #hangry isn’t a possibility at these things we do so giddy up for a Midwestern coffee hour and fixin's throughout the day.

  • Hot drink bar – we’ll keep the unpredictable springtime at bay with unlimited refills of Thunder Coffee and tea to keep your hands and heart happy and hot and wholesome.

  • 5 drink tickets for use at our curated Langston cocktail/mocktail & Drekker beer bar open at select retreat times such as your English Tea Party Happy Hour.

  • Hayrides & campfires.

  • All-retreat Custom Mixed-Media Floral Hanging with Knask Designs for your evening all-retreat craft post-dinner! 

  • Custom retreat tea blend from Chai Moto & Unglued customized tea infuser!



(our favorite part)

When is it?

Your Spring Fling of Unglued Spring Retreat is Saturday, May 11 9am-9pm CST.

Colfax, ND?

Yes and you can handle it.  It’s a 30 minute drive south of Fargo in a magical neck of the woods.  

Should I come?



How do I sign up for my spring fling seat?

Tickets are open now with this link!  If you register prior to workshops opening around April 22 you'll get to choose your own craftastic 3-workshop schedule. 

Where do I stay?

Wherever you friggin’ want!  There are not many immediate lodging options in this Colfax area.  The shindig fun is one day and crafted up so you don’t have to wake up totally too early on a Saturday and it concludes at 9pm (or if you want to call it good earlier you decide!).  We all plan to get back to Fargo that night to our dogs and babies, but if you are coming from out of town there are plenty o’ amazing Fargo Airbnbs available should this include some out-of-town-travel fun for you and the bestie.  In a pinch you could crash on our couch with our heel bitin’ rescue pup and 3 legged other pup who will awkwardly make out with your face so it’s an option if you are totally desperate and need a make out buddy.  With 3 legs.

What’s included?

Nearly everything except Maxine the Crooked Lane Farm wonder dog.  She likes it there so can’t come home with you. There is a chance if you sign up for the wine tasting workshop that you’ll wanna buy a glass of wine at Dakota Vines to enjoy or a bottle to take home or a few craft workshops have the option to buy the specific tool for life, but, you guys, this is an Unglued Retreat so besides those this is all-inclusive.  Let’s recap: you’ll #springretreatyourself with 3 badass workshop sessions taught by local makers and artists, 2 full meals, welcome scones, 5 drink tickets (mocktails and cocktails!), new besties, custom tea blend & Unglued customized tea infuser, evening all-retreat Custom Mixed-Media Floral Hanging to stay all trendy and SPRING. Last year our retreats were $199 and this year is going up 5 dollars (less than a drink at your favorite coffee shop) to $204 to cover those super fun increasing event costs.

Try to get a better bang for your hard earned bucks that will give you a breath of charming spring air that'll refill your soul and prepare you for summer fun.  Your trip you have to plan yourself to Minneapolis for one night costs twice as much and you won’t be nearly as SPRING FLING TASTIC.

"Thank you so much for this awesome event! We have no idea how it was so affordable for what we got out of the day! Total steal of a deal!!!" - Past Attendee



Tell me about the drink sitch:

5 drink tickets are included in your spring fling registration.  The curated Langston cocktail & beer bar will be open at select times beginning around 3pm and from dinner to last call during evening craft time - AND INCLUDES MOCKTAILS (ie. non-alcoholic fancy drinks). Last call will be at 7:45pm because this sh*t is 30 minutes south of Fargo and we care about you.  There *may* be some bonus opportunities like your winery workshop or your fancy mixology workshop sesh. Not interested in cocktails?  Well it just so happens Langston will be creating a menu with options for handcrafted mocktails to enjoy as well so we all win.  *You must be 21+ to attend Fall Retreat.*

Is this just for the ladies?

HELLS TO THE NO.  We cannot emphasize enough (although I know the boiiis in your life won’t believe it until they see it) that we craft these retreats and our Summer Camp to be for ALL THE PEOPLE.  Not just “crafty” people…not just people who haven't given up on pinterest…not just formal makers…not just your mom.  It's the bougie retreat of your spring dreams and you get to make a lot of things at it. 

Will I like the schedule?

Yes.  You guys.  We plan all events be something we’d actually want to attend and be a part of.  After you throw on some gingham and a flower in your pocket, you’ll get to Crooked Lane Farm to check in between 9-9:30am where you’ll enjoy a luscious Moonrise scone and delectable Thunder Coffee.  You’ll spend a super chill day making epic crafts and an afternoon Happy Hour to include some choose-your-own-adventure fun free time (but full of options just how we like it).  After dinner around 7:15pm Jessica of Knask Designs will slap on a mic headset and lead you through a custom mixed media floral wall hanging - or you'll be welcome to hang around the campfire and build a s'mores after or hit the hay and head back home.

I’m coming from out of town so what do I do?

Well first you sign up when registration opens March 28 8pm CST.  Then you decide if you want to look at air bnb options, hotels (we kind of live on the edge with Hotel Tonight when we travel), or with these guys.  Then you get ready for the Saturday your spring soul needs in good ol’ North Dakota (just practice your uff das).


Are the crafts crafty?

If by crafty you mean Nick Offerman and mythical Leslie Knope would approve then YES.  I mean, we should just be hosting Making It here by now.  Fargo (and said surrounding areas) is crazy overflowing with creative makers and artists that are next level excited at the prospect of teaching you.  Have you attended before?  Some heavy hitters and hottie workshops will repeat, but you can count on a whole lotta new variety, too.

Can I really come alone?

YES and we will be buddies.  We create this full spring day and our organized-yet-chill-AF schedule to work for people who might be on their own Retreat day and have that post-college-not-sure-I-can-meet-new-people vibes like we do.  You’ll have plenty of options to keep busy or chill out and sip your lavender latte as well as meet some kick ass new people to have in your #lyfe.  

"I appreciate the friendliness of staff. I've never felt uncomfortable or awkward. I've attended Unglued events by myself and it's so appreciated." - Past attendee

Is this just like your summer camp?

Well there’s no sandy beaches on the Farm and there also aren’t crappy bunk beds.  We get to craft up this glittery beauty of a day with our crew and the Farm so your breakfast will be carb loaded thanks to local bakeries, food by local caterers and foodies, and our draaaanks coming from our curated spring cocktail & Drekker beer bar.  Picture it like a retreat inspired by Summer Camp and our Winter/Fall Retreats but in spring, wholesome AF, in Colfax, ND, and with crafty workshops and capped off with an all-retreat craft sesh. We know it’s what you need as you begin to awaken your soul post-winter and dive into the hot girl summer we need (like literally hot, get ready for that humidity bb).

Is there a half day option?

We've done this in the past, but most recently literally 1 attendee utilized it so we are keeping it full day fully (although you can hit the hay any time you want)!

Do I need to register right away?

Benefits to registering right away on March 28 at 8pm:  you get to attend Spring Retreat and hang out with us, our crew, our instructors, and the best people.  Also signing up for workshop sessions when they open around April 22.  We are opening this up for you to buy up to 4 tickets to share with your squad at a time, but will need the names of your other ticket holders officially by April 15 before workshop info and specialized deets begin.

What if I decide I can’t go but I bought a ticket or there’s the storm of the century that weekend?

Your Spring Retreat ticket is fully refundable until April 17, 2024.  After that it is no longer refundable – even for insane weather – as we will have had you register for your own shiny workshop sessions and we personalize things because we really like this stuff.  You could transfer your ticket to someone else, though, but they may be stuck with your fantastic workshop schedule and, well, maybe even your nametag.  ALSO - we do open a wait list if the Retreat sells out so if we can find someone to utilize your ticket we can also get you refunded.  Just keep in mind there is basically a 0% chance that can happen less than 72 hours prior to the Retreat based on previous wait lists.  In the event that Unglued needs to cancel the Retreat for any reason you will receive a full refund.

Will it be cold?

YES.  There are very rare moments an Unglued event has good weather.  This could be one, but get your parka and swimsuit ready because it could go either way.  ;)   We are READY EITHER WAY.

Plant Things.  Make Things.  Enjoy Things.  


You are welcome here.

We do not tolerate discrimination.

Unglued will not tolerate discrimination of any kind to anyone involved in our events including race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, or genetic information per Unglued's discretion. We have zero tolerance for harassment. This is grounds for immediate dismissal without warning from Retreat per Unglued's discretion.

Basically, be awesome.





"I loved all of it! I so needed a getaway and it delivered in all the ways! The day ran smoothly and it was SO fun. I left the retreat feeling rejuvenated. I wish everyone could experience the fun and joy of an Unglued retreat." - Past attendee

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