The Annual Craft Fest

Celebrating 12 years in 2022!

The 12th Annual Unglued: Craft Fest is March 11-12, 2022 at West Acres Mall in Fargo, ND! 


The 12th Annual Unglued: Craft Fest is returning to the West Acres Mall March 11-12, 2022.

You'll find our fest schedule here in mid-February!


Vendor Info!

Thank you so much for your interest in Unglued: Craft Fest! Our application is open Dec 30, 2021-Jan 21, 2022. Our Fest is juried and you will be notified if we can offer you a booth no later than Feb 1, 2022 via the email you provide in the application.  If accepted you will have until Feb 3 to send in your booth fee to confirm and reserve your space. 


Please note - we use google forms for the application and photo submission so you will need a gmail address to fill out your vendor application.  As of Jan 21 apps are now closed.  Due to the amount of apps we receive we are unable to accept late applications.

Prior to applying please read the following information in full - relax, drink some coffee, and put the best YOU forward.  

This is our 12th Annual Unglued: Craft Fest coming up in-person Fri, March 11, 2022 4pm-8pm & Sat, March 12 10am-6pm returning to the West Acres Mall in Fargo, ND!  All vendors are applying for both days (ie. you must be available both days/timeframes).

Vendor booths 6'x8' throughout the main hallways through the mall.  The booth fee is $110.  The event will be free admission both Friday and Saturday to spread out the crowd a bit more. (Up until 2021 our Friday night was a ticketed opening night).

Covid information:  We are so excited to partner a 2nd year with the creative staff and venue of West Acres Mall in Fargo to continue the Fest this year in a larger space that will allow for more space in this still-complicated world!  If there's one thing we learned it's that things can still change quickly, so currently we are assuming masks will just be recommended for attendees and vendors.  However, this may change per Unglued and West Acres discretion.  If we are able to offer you a booth space we will be sure you are aware immediately of any changes, but if you do accept the booth space you are agreeing to following Covid-safety guidelines, too.  Covid-safety guidelines may change leading up to the event including cancelling the in-person gathering if deemed necessary by Unglued and West Acres.  In the case of an in-person event cancellation vendors will receive a full refund of their booth space.  (We, of course, do not anticipate this to be a thing, but still need to mention it as a slight possibility).

This year we will also have a flexible refund policy for the in-person portion of this event for vendors.  If you have symptoms of Covid, potential exposure, or have Covid we will give you a full refund to keep this as safe as we can.  We trust that this flexible refund policy will be used appropriately and only in the situations of Covid safety and not because there was procrastination in making products ;)  

Food & drink vendors:  Some types of ready-to-consume food and drink may or may not be considered this year (with West Acres guidelines in mind) so please feel free to apply and we will know by our jury time any further details to this.

Booths are 6' deep x 8' wide and the booth fee is $110 to be paid upon acceptance.  Set-up is Fri, March 11 noon-4pm, take down is Sat, March 12 6pm-8pm.  You provide all your booth display items including table and chairs.  Electricity and wifi are not guaranteed, but electricity may be available if requested by our deadlines you'll receive if we can offer you a booth space.

The number of vendors we can accept for booth spaces is currently being determined, but will fall somewhere between 50-70 vendor spaces.  Please note if you were familiar with our Fest layout last year at West Acres we will probably have more vendors and somewhat less space between each compared to 2021.

Some important notes before you apply: 
*Included in this application is submitting photos of your work. If this step is missed your application will not be considered by our jury. To check out a great blog post by our Unglued crew on submitting photos to a juried craft fair please look here!

*There is NOT an application fee this year.  

*Your application should show us the type of work you will have AT the Fest. If you are accepted, it is based on what you show us here so adding items that are completely different (ie. bringing mittens when you applied as a ceramic artist) or adding vendors to your booth that are not a part of this application will disqualify you from further Fests as well as having to pull those items the days of the Fest. 

*As we continue on with Unglued: Craft Fest we welcome everyone to apply! It does gets extremely tricky to accept all the work we love as we want to keep our Fest fresh, exciting, and new for our awesome shoppers with lots of variety. We do receive 2-3x's as many applications as there are booth spaces!

*WHILE WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR PREVIOUS VENDORS, IF YOU HAVE BEEN A PART OF OUR PREVIOUS FESTS YOU MUST SHOW NEWNESS/PROGRESS/GROWTH IN YOUR WORK during your application process. Our jury will additionally be looking at this for returning vendors. If you bypass adding this information to your application it will hinder the jury's ability to consider you as a vendor. Show us what you've got!

*We love sharing! You are able to share your in-person booth with another vendor. They must be applying with you on the application. Please send ONE application per total booth to represent that full booth. 

*Due to the amount of awesome applications we receive we do not have double booths available.

*Incomplete (ie. no photos) or late applications will not be able to be considered in the jurying process.

*If you are involved in our shop, please note this does not automatically accept you into the Fest or have preference. Our jury will not be aware if you already sell items in our shop so be sure to also put your best work & photos forward regardless of how familiar you think we are of your awesome work!

*The maker/artist/crafter MUST be present at their in-person booth during the Fest (barring any Covid issues, of course).  A big part of Unglued: Craft Fest is our community connecting to the maker and designer of their goods.  While you are encouraged to have booth buddies throughout the weekend we will require that YOU as the maker are present at some point during the Fest (except in the situations of Covid, etc).

*The mission of Unglued: Craft Fest is to be a weekend of creative inspiration and connection to makers.  We look to host this in the dead of winter when there are fewer events for our makers and the community.  By having a weekend to celebrate creativity with our vendors showcasing their amazing work and opportunities for everyone to get creative we believe it will enrich your life and the community as a whole!  We especially are focused on new, emerging makers & returning makers that are showing how they have grown and progressed in their work.  We give local preference to vendors but are also interested in bringing in other makers from the Midwest and beyond on occasion to celebrate creatively together!  If you are applying from further away please note this is during Fargo winter when considering as we are not able to give refunds due to weather issues to get here ;)

*Want a better idea what you might be getting into?  Check out our 2021 recap via photos here!

*Whew! Thanks so much for your interest!! Let's get to it! [If you have questions prior to applying don't hesitate to email us at


Crafty Schedule

Creative experiences are coming back in 2022!

Watch for our crafty Fest schedule coming in mid-February to get inspired and awesome at this year's Unglued: Craft Fest!


2021 Fest Vendors

521handmade (Virtual)

Aerow (Virtual)

Amy Jo (Virtual)

AnnMade in Minnesota (West Acres & Virtual)

Art by Rebecca Ann (West Acres)

Artifacts of Joy (West Acres & Virtual)

Ballerina Botanicals (West Acres)

Barbarian/Dakotah Beard Oils (West Acres & Virtual)

Beautabode (West Acres & Virtual)

Beckamade (Virtual)

Birch Barn (West Acres & Virtual)

Bohemian Blü (West Acres)

Brew Chewz (West Acres & Virtual)

Catie Miller (Virtual)

Chatterbox Crochet (Virtual)

Chloe Rogge Design (West Acres)

Couple of Artists (Virtual)

Crafty Ninja (Virtual)

Dakota Tallow (Virtual)

Dash Culture (West Acres & Virtual)

Designed By Hannah (West Acres & Virtual)

do good adventures (West Acres & Virtual)

Fermie Studios (Virtual)

Fiction Reshaped (Virtual)

Fox & Squirrel Co. (Virtual)

Franklin Ugochukwu Arts (West Acres & Virtual)

FSR Soap and Candle Company (West Acres & Virtual)

Goods for you by Whit (Virtual)

Hello Lucy (West Acres & Virtual)

The Honey B Soap Co (West Acres & Virtual)

It’s Lovely Here (Virtual)

Jen’s Bakery (West Acres)

Jenny Sue (Virtual)

Jocale Co. (West Acres & Virtual)

Juice Box Fargo (West Acres Saturday)

Julie Meyer Leather Goods (West Acres)

Jute Baby Designs (West Acres)

Kanji Naturals (West Acres)

Livin’ The Dream Pottery (West Acres & Virtual)

Longshadow Woodworks (West Acres & Virtual)

Loon and Beau (West Acres & Virtual)

Luna B Jewelry (Virtual)

Lund Studios (West Acres & Virtual)

Mama’s Knot Happy (West Acres & Virtual)

Made with Love (Virtual)

MBMB // Made by Michelle Brusegaard (Virtual)

Meghan Stinar Crafts (West Acres & Virtual)

Milo Rock Tackle (Virtual)

Minnesota Skies Studio (Virtual)

Morningside Heights Provisions (West Acres)

Nodakian Studios (West Acres & Virtual)

Northerly Goods (West Acres & Virtual)

Oak Leaf Leather (West Acres & Virtual)

Painter Nicole (West Acres & Virtual)

PiscesPieces Handmade (Virtual)

The Plant Supply (West Acres & Virtual)

Rising Dawn Ceramics (West Acres)

Rock Island Design Co. (West Acres)

Rock Me Mama (West Acres)

See Lang Design (West Acres & Virtual)

 Slow Burn Beeswax Candles by Anna Macy (West Acres & Virtual)

Squirrel! (Virtual)

Studio Bladel (Virtual)

Susan, Esther, & Marcella (Virtual)

Third Daughter, Restless Daughter (Virtual)

Thunder Coffee (West Acres & Virtual)

Tinker (West Acres)

Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Snacks (West Acres & Virtual)

Wild Goat Design (West Acres)

Wildflower & Co. (West Acres & Virtual)

Windsor Waffles (West Acres)

Wuve (Virtual)