The Annual Craft Fest

Celebrating 11 years in 2021!

The 11th Annual Unglued: Craft Fest is a wrap!  We just finished up 2 (face masked, distanced) days at West Acres March 12-13, 2021 and a virtual fest day on March 14!  You can still find all our 2021 vendors and catch up on our blog recap, too, because 2021 was definitely a weird but amazing year for the books!


2021 Fest Vendors

521handmade (Virtual)

Aerow (Virtual)

Amy Jo (Virtual)

AnnMade in Minnesota (West Acres & Virtual)

Art by Rebecca Ann (West Acres)

Artifacts of Joy (West Acres & Virtual)

Ballerina Botanicals (West Acres)

Barbarian/Dakotah Beard Oils (West Acres & Virtual)

Beautabode (West Acres & Virtual)

Beckamade (Virtual)

Birch Barn (West Acres & Virtual)

Bohemian Blü (West Acres)

Brew Chewz (West Acres & Virtual)

Catie Miller (Virtual)

Chatterbox Crochet (Virtual)

Chloe Rogge Design (West Acres)

Couple of Artists (Virtual)

Crafty Ninja (Virtual)

Dakota Tallow (Virtual)

Dash Culture (West Acres & Virtual)

Designed By Hannah (West Acres & Virtual)

do good adventures (West Acres & Virtual)

Fermie Studios (Virtual)

Fiction Reshaped (Virtual)

Fox & Squirrel Co. (Virtual)

Franklin Ugochukwu Arts (West Acres & Virtual)

FSR Soap and Candle Company (West Acres & Virtual)

Goods for you by Whit (Virtual)

Hello Lucy (West Acres & Virtual)

The Honey B Soap Co (West Acres & Virtual)

It’s Lovely Here (Virtual)

Jen’s Bakery (West Acres)

Jenny Sue (Virtual)

Jocale Co. (West Acres & Virtual)

Juice Box Fargo (West Acres Saturday)

Julie Meyer Leather Goods (West Acres)

Jute Baby Designs (West Acres)

Kanji Naturals (West Acres)

Livin’ The Dream Pottery (West Acres & Virtual)

Longshadow Woodworks (West Acres & Virtual)

Loon and Beau (West Acres & Virtual)

Luna B Jewelry (Virtual)

Lund Studios (West Acres & Virtual)

Mama’s Knot Happy (West Acres & Virtual)

Made with Love (Virtual)

MBMB // Made by Michelle Brusegaard (Virtual)

Meghan Stinar Crafts (West Acres & Virtual)

Milo Rock Tackle (Virtual)

Minnesota Skies Studio (Virtual)

Morningside Heights Provisions (West Acres)

Nodakian Studios (West Acres & Virtual)

Northerly Goods (West Acres & Virtual)

Oak Leaf Leather (West Acres & Virtual)

Painter Nicole (West Acres & Virtual)

PiscesPieces Handmade (Virtual)

The Plant Supply (West Acres & Virtual)

Rising Dawn Ceramics (West Acres)

Rock Island Design Co. (West Acres)

Rock Me Mama (West Acres)

See Lang Design (West Acres & Virtual)

 Slow Burn Beeswax Candles by Anna Macy (West Acres & Virtual)

Squirrel! (Virtual)

Studio Bladel (Virtual)

Susan, Esther, & Marcella (Virtual)

Third Daughter, Restless Daughter (Virtual)

Thunder Coffee (West Acres & Virtual)

Tinker (West Acres)

Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Snacks (West Acres & Virtual)

Wild Goat Design (West Acres)

Wildflower & Co. (West Acres & Virtual)

Windsor Waffles (West Acres)

Wuve (Virtual)