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Unglued’s Top 10 Valentine’s DIY’s!

So before we begin this post on treating your sweetheart or sweet friends to some handmade gift love or your home to sweet decor, don’t miss out on the great mix of Valentine’s-inspired workshops for you – many which can be used much beyond Valentine’s in that not-tacky-holiday-decor kind of way!

{PS – I used to think Valentine’s was a lame holiday, but quite honestly you can make it what you want and fun with friends or any favorite people.  Why not dress in red, have some hearts up, and make inappropriate throw pillows?!  It doesn’t have to be such a high-pressure holiday – have fun with it and do something handmade or give handmade to keep it more meaningful and special <3  Stay in and have an indoor picnic, invite friends over and drink champagne with raspberries and watch Amelie, so many options!}

valentines party projects

Tues, Feb 4 6-8pm – Valentine’s Handmade Party –  Make THREE sweet projects and yes, cupcakes will be included.  For real.   More details here or register directly here!


Sat, Feb 8 11am – Kids’ Valentine DIY – Is this not completely adorable?  Get your kids signed up to make a cute branch garland with yarn, wire, and hearts!  More details here and register here!


Sat, Feb 8 1pm – Valentine’s DIY with this 80-hour-long burning candle!  Seriously, that’s a bitchin’ candle!  Register here and more details here!

OK, let’s get to it!  Here’s our round up of favorite DIY’s online – we challenge you to go for it and get handmade going on for your V-day fun!  Click on the links underlined to find the DIY’s.  I’m going to promise you we’ll make 3 of these ourselves – want to join me?!

1.  My favorite decor.  DIY Glitter Banners.  Because I love glitter still.

v-day glitter letters

2.  Heart pillows.  Use your leftovers and make it your own with whatever Modern Textiles fabric you are in love with (see how much love can happen?!).  Super easy.  Sometimes I take an old pillow and steal the stuffing from there instead of buying new stuff…

heart pillow

3.  Valentine’s Kit from Design Sponge.  Design Sponge wins all the sweet DIY things.  Substitute maybe some Bakeology cupcakes and keep it local, hmmm?


4.  Gold Sequin Heart.  A few extra steps including drying paper mache overnight, but if you love gold and sequins it’d be worth it!


5.  Red Velvet Nutella S’mores Cookies – whew!  and nom.

red velvet nutella

6.  The perfect Valentine’s cocktail with moscato.

wine cocktail vday

7.  Heart Cut Wood Plaque.   What a great mantel decor, too!  Includes DIY just for the wood heart cut out, but use some paint strips to make it your own version behind it!  Warning – power tools required.


8.  Lovey sharpie mug.  Go ahead and call this as something you’ve seen done now a mazillion times, but I know for a fact that Justin would adore this on his office desk with sweet words and thoughts!

sharpie mug

9.  Mailer Valentines from Oh Happy Day!.  I see this as the sweetest little and creative Valentine’s you could dream up to send someone!  Currently ordering some of these mailers right now to make this happen!


10.  Valentine’s Fort.  Boom.  So, sure this might be going overboard, but how fun could you make this – and, yes, it’s from Design Sponge if you remember who wins all the things?!  You are welcome.



This looks amazing.  A new take on hot cocoa (recipe way at the bottom of the link):

hot cocoa

Also – this cozy Valentine’s party with friends is getting me thinking of using this Valentine’s in such a way!  It’s a little over the top with a fully catered meal and a saxophone player…but how sweet:


So why repost a bunch of DIY’s we haven’t done yet – well, personally, I need some motivation and sometimes when you generically search on Pinterest you don’t find the best things right away!  Here’s hoping you got a little inspired like I did and watch our instagram for some of these and from our Pinterest to happen in real life.  Now, go make something!


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