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Meet the Maker: Lost in Fargo

Hang out this month with Nels from Lost in Fargo!  You’ll find some supes great aw geez, uff da, and Fargo / North Dakota shirts thanks to Nels and his creations in town and now on our website!
Tell us a bit about yourself:My name is Nels Hunstad I am originally from Moorhead, kind of a wanderer by nature, but settled back in Fargo. I spend a lot of my time hiking in the woods, taking photographs and exploring with my dog. I love to enjoy a cup of coffee and work mostly on freelance projects involving photography, fashion, design and Lost in Fargo.

Describe your handmade business:

Lost in Fargo works to cultivate a deeper love for Fargo with our original T-shirts and gift items. The whole concept of Lost in Fargo is to take a closer look at your surroundings and enjoy the spaces in between work and home. We’re really trying to create high quality screen printed T-shirts that help locals, visitors and ex-pats express their Fargo pride.

What is one of your most favorite items you have made?

We used to print these jogger style sweatpants that are AMAZING. I live in them when I’m not working. Maybe we’ll have to bring them back…

What are your most essential tools?

Without the press we would not be printing t-shirts. But our camera and our computer have been really transformational in the way we can tell the stories of our products and utilize technology to create our designs and more.

How has your business evolved over the years since beginning?

I’ve been making T-shirts for 12 years and only doing Lost in Fargo for two, so its become more simple not doing as much custom work and working with less clients, our focus has turned more towards pop up shops and markets. I even tried a brick and mortar location for a while but found that we were better off staying mobile, getting more chances to be Lost in Fargo and with our community.

What is a word that best describes you?


What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?

Slow down and focus on one thing that you do really well, take more time to appreciate the life you’re living and work less.

Super random tidbit about you?!

I once made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs

Also, I speak in a royal ‘we’ when talking about Lost in Fargo, but really, it’s just me 🙂

Website to check out:

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