Meet the Maker: Lost in Fargo

Hang out this month with Nels from Lost in Fargo!  You’ll find some supes great aw geez, uff da, and Fargo / North Dakota shirts thanks to Nels and his creations in town and now on our website!
Tell us a bit about yourself:My name is Nels Hunstad I am originally from Moorhead, kind of a wanderer by nature, but settled back in Fargo. I spend a lot of my time hiking in the woods, taking photographs and exploring with my dog. I love to enjoy a cup of coffee and work mostly on freelance projects involving photography, fashion, design and Lost in Fargo.
Describe your handmade business:
Lost in Fargo works to cultivate a deeper love for Fargo with our original T-shirts and gift items. The whole concept of Lost in Fargo is to take a closer look at your surroundings and enjoy the spaces in between work and home. We’re really trying to create high quality screen printed T-shirts that help locals, visitors and ex-pats express their Fargo pride.
What is one of your most favorite items you have made?
We used to print these jogger style sweatpants that are AMAZING. I live in them when I’m not working. Maybe we’ll have to bring them back…
What are your most essential tools?
Without the press we would not be printing t-shirts. But our camera and our computer have been really transformational in the way we can tell the stories of our products and utilize technology to create our designs and more.
How has your business evolved over the years since beginning?
I’ve been making T-shirts for 12 years and only doing Lost in Fargo for two, so its become more simple not doing as much custom work and working with less clients, our focus has turned more towards pop up shops and markets. I even tried a brick and mortar location for a while but found that we were better off staying mobile, getting more chances to be Lost in Fargo and with our community.
What is a word that best describes you?
What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?
Slow down and focus on one thing that you do really well, take more time to appreciate the life you’re living and work less.
Super random tidbit about you?!
I once made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs
Also, I speak in a royal ‘we’ when talking about Lost in Fargo, but really, it’s just me 🙂
Website to check out:

Meet the Maker: Embellish

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Wendy Davenport. I live in Fergus Falls, MN. I volunteer in immigration law for a refugee resettlement agency in Fargo. I love embroidery (obviously), historic textile design, and reading (especially about other cultures). I would say that my main passion is to try and build bridges between people of diverse viewpoints.

Describe your creative business:

My embroidery business is named Authentic Embroidery. Tag line is “Artisan embroidery for the modern age”. I mostly embroidery vintage graphics onto upcycled canvas patches and pillows and canvas tote bags. I also do custom work. My favorite projects are recreations of historic embroidery designs. I work with friends who have a custom clothing business, Matti’s Millinery & Costumers.

What is one of your most favorite items you have made?

I recently completed embroidery for a 18th century-style suit (see photo). It will be worn by the groom at a masquerade-themed wedding. It was hours of work but very worth it!

What are your most essential tools?

Embroidery software and a 10 needle embroidery machine.

How has your business evolved over the years since beginning?

I started by making free-standing lace jewelry, then transitioned into the vintage graphic embroidery. Now I have been getting a lot of custom requests. I seem to have a semi-devoted (but not large) base of return customers. For example, fans of Rutherford B. Hayes get REALLY! excited when they find Rutherford B. Hayes embroidered goods for sale. (For real, happened twice in one week). I got a large ongoing custom order for the Grangers through one of the R.B.H. fans. Probably best not to use this as a model marketing plan though. Might not transfer well.

What is a word that best describes you?


What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?

Yes, you need Instagram. Just get over it. This is the modern world of “Brand Identity”.

Any super random tidbit about you?!

I am almost phobic about self promotion/publicity. Working on it though.

Website/etsy to keep in touch:

Instagram: authenticembroidery

Thank you, Wendy!!  We’ll see you soon to do a live Facebook video on our Fargo page!

Meet the Maker: Little Ditty

We get to hang out this month with Diane from Little Ditty hailing from Minnesota!  Diane has some of the best snarkiest phrases you’ll ever be able to put on your walls and we seriously love working with her in both our Fargo and Sioux Falls shops!  CHECK OUT OUR LIVE FACEBOOK VIDEO IN DIANE’S STUDIO, TOO!!
Tell us a bit about yourself:
Hey, I’m Diane!  I’m originally from Waubun, MN but currently live in lakes country in Detroit Lakes, MN. I work very part-time at the DLCC here in town. Where I watch people’s kiddos as they workout and get to bring my twin toddlers with to help wear off their never ending energy. So total win-win! Hobbies get harder to have after having kids, but as time allows I do love to work on our fixer upper home, repurpose items and make very long hunny do lists.
Describe your handmade business:
For the past year I’ve been mostly focusing on making small gift size signs with snarky and witty sayings on them. I repurpose old wood and create fun pieces out of it.
What is one of your most favorite items you have made?
When I first started my “Little Ditty” I repurposed furniture and made custom furniture pieces. With being a SAHM those pieces ended up being too time consuming. I really miss doing that part of my business but being able to make these small signs that make me laugh daily is definitely rewarding. Most of them are little sneak peeks into my life, especially the parenting and coffee ones.
What is your snarkiest saying you’ve used so far?
I always get the best laughs out of people from my, “Don’t be sad, laundry. Nobody’s doing me either.” sign. Oh and, “BOOTYCALL: a shout from the bathroom letting you know it’s time to go wipe someone’s butt.”
What are your most essential tools?
My silhouette cameo, computer, vinyl, hand sander, miter saw, pandora, wine, snacks  and lots of coffee.
How has your business evolved over the years since beginning?
Oh goodness, if only you all saw me when I first announced I was starting my own business. I had no clue where I was going to begin what I was going to do. Everything slowly kind of all fell into place. It started mostly as a hobby and turned into a business. Fast forward three years later, I now sell at six retail spaces (and counting), set up at local events, license designs, do custom orders and have an Etsy shop. Life is good.
What is a word that best describes you?
Awkward. Ha. But really, most of the time I am. I beat to my own drum and roll with it. As one of my signs says, “My life is just a series of awkward and humiliating moments separated by snacks.” My life in a nut shell.
What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?
Good question, hmmm. Travel more. I wish I would have taken more time prior to kids to explore the world. Newest life goal is to go someplace new at least once a year.
Any super random tidbit about you?!
I like to surprise people and do spontaneous things, even if they seem crazy to me at the time. Like skydiving. Which probably should be well thought out especially if you get motion sickness…lesson learned.
Website for us to check out more:

Meet the Maker: Brick House Creations

We’ve had so much fun visiting maker’s studios in prep for our Unglued: Craft Fest that we wanted to continue the fun each month this year beyond the Fest!

So this month meet Katie of Brick House Creations out of Sioux Falls, SD!  We met Katie through our shop in Sioux Falls and got to do a live visit on Facebook last week in her home studio.  Check out the video fun HERE and read on below for our email interview as well.

Tell us a bit about yourself :
I am a South Dakota girl born and raised.  I am a momma to a wild 5 year old who keeps me on my toes! We are rummage buddies, love finding things to repurpose  for displays or vintage jewelry to take apart.
Describe your handmade business:
Brick House Creations is a collection of handcrafted items, specializing in one of a kind mixed media jewelry.Hand drilled and hand stamped pieces complete most of each look containing inspirational messages and quotes.
What is one of your most favorite items you have made?
My very first pieces were from a gal who lost her grandmother. She asked for jewelry pieces to be made from grandmas costumer jewelry.  I took it all apart and used bits a pieces to make new jewelry items for each one of her relatives!
What are your most essential tools?
Pliers, pliers, and more pliers!  Metal design stamps, enamel markers.
How has your business evolved over the years since the beginning?
Social media has been a huge source at launching my business.  I originally started selling by bringing in a shoe box to my coworkers to currently selling in about 35 different retail outlets, Etsy, and making full time from home.
What is a word that best describes you?
What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?
Create more vs. custom orders.  For a long time I would fill up all of my time with custom pieces and could never just make which is what keeps me creatively inspired.  I found that making from raw creativity was my true passion and work better at my own pace without restrictions and deadlines.
Any super random tidbit about you??
I am terrified of packaged biscuit tubes/rolls.  I can never bring myself to open one – you never know when it’s going to explode!

Website/etsy to share:

Thank you so much Katie for letting us invade your home for a tour (click above!) and live video and sharing these thoughts, too!!  Don’t miss her fantastic work in both Fargo & Sioux Falls Unglued’s, too!

Meet the Maker: Amy Jo Hendrickson


This month meet printmaker Amy Jo Hendrickson who has been an artist with us since the beginning of our shops!  We have loved her annual cowgirl prints, Coffee is Delicious as Hell artwork, and lefse tea towels and any time a new piece comes in we get really stoked.  Watch our Facebook pages (Fargo and Sioux Falls) for a live 34 Questions we’ll be recording with her towards the end of April in her studio!

Read on to learn more about this North Dakota native!


Tell us a bit about yourself :
My name is Amy Jo. I grew up just south of Fargo on a farm near Colfax, North Dakota. Although I’ve now lived in Minneapolis almost longer than anywhere else, I will probably always say I’m from Fargo. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Minnesota State University Moorhead. I moved to Minneapolis to complete my graphic design degree and along the way I learned how to screenprint in a basement laundry room. I have a storefront studio called Who Made Who that I share with my husband Dale. We live in an old house in NE Minneapolis with our 3 year old daughter Sadie and our 10 year old English Bulldog Lola.

Describe your handmade business:
Hand screenprinted art prints with an emphasis on humor, nostalgia, glitter, and the random surprises encountered in the printmaking process.


What is one of your most favorite items you have made?
Lumberjack Soap Opera – a portrait of a lady and a bear.  “Is is true love or is the bear being held against his will? Tune in for the next exciting episode.”   The question I get asked most is “Who is she?” I’ve heard everything from Morgan Fairchild to Dolly Parton.

What are your most essential tools?
A sharp squeegee, Photoshop, and Led Zeppelin.


How has your business evolved over the years since beginning?
From Rock Posters to Lefse Love! I began my career making posters for rock shows out of necessity. When I lived in Fargo I booked all ages shows under the name Team Fargo. We made a zine and a poster to promote each show. I also worked on the Campus Activities Board booking musical acts at MSUM and soon bands started seeking me out. The posters led to other freelance design work, including logos and packaging design. In my spare time I would make art prints. In 2014 I slowed down production to have my baby and phased out most of the freelance graphic design side of my business. I wanted to focus more on the art prints that tend to give me the most joy making. I love to hear people laugh when they come to my booth.

What is a word that best describes you?

Current obsession: Henry Rollins (after listening to the 3 hour Joe Rogan podcast). Previous obsession: Cake decorating (my daughter just turned 3). Constant Obsession: Wax museums (can I own one?).


What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?
Practice makes perfect. You want to learn how to draw? Practice. You want to learn how to play the piano? Practice. You can probably do just about anything if you make a regular practice out of it. I wish I had realized that sooner, but it’s never too late to start!

Any super random tidbit about you?!
I used to be the Resident Manager of the legendary Stratford Apartments on 8th St & 2nd Ave S in Fargo. Collected the rents and mopped the hallways. I still love that place so much.



Thank you Amy Jo!  Watch our Fargo Facebook page for a live 34 Question video with Amy Jo towards the end of April in her Minneapolis studio!

Unglued Craft Fest 2017 Recap!

front of museum

So hey the 7th Annual Unglued: Craft Fest just happened Feb 24 & 25, 2017 and this is the first time we’ve ever been able to manage a blog post!  Basically #winning.  Below you’ll be able to see the amazingness that happens when 70+ crazy talented makers, 8 young makers, 3 local breweries, 13 free workshops, 5,000+ attendees, 1 Craft Gala, 100 swag bags, 3 local bands, 200 Beyonce-inspired bags, 3 art galleries, 2 selfie stations, 10 amazing local sponsors, and more happen in one place.

jazz band

Our Craft Gala was Friday night!  There was live jazz, drinks, food, and more included + an opening shopping night of our 7th annual Fest makers.  Why a Craft Gala?  It’s based on feedback from a few years ago that Saturday can just get a bit too crazy so shoppers and vendors suggested a ticketed night to have the option to come when it was a more fancier and laid back vibe!  Watch for next year, though, as we are pretty sure we have a brand new idea we’ll start on Friday night in 2018 (holla!).



hoeschen haus gala

make room aerow

peard gala night

nifty nik nak gala

willow gala

at home bakery

The first 200 attendees up to the Print Studio also got to screen print their own tote bag with an original design by Amanda Heidt of the Plains Art Museum, inspired by Beyonce, of course.

gala night printing


kayla gala tote

And for the first time we had custom portraits sketched by Art by Kaija Lea from here in town!


Then our crazy Craft Fest day was all day Saturday!

don't forget your map

info booth with mary and kara

coffee pour

aesthetic apparatus

This super day included 8 makers under the age of 13 showcasing their work in the Creative Plains Foundation Young Maker’s Market!

the middle child booth

smart girls young makers

And our amazing 70+ makers waking back up post-Craft Gala to showcase their work.

cat rocketship drawing

2nd floor shopping

2nd and 3rd floor other side

2nd and 3rd floor shot

And great live music with The Shuttles & The Cropdusters…


jens breads gala night


amy jo and girl peeking

On Saturday the 2nd building to the Center for Creativity was open as well to explore…


And find our line-up of free workshops and demos by Modern Textiles, Nordic Needle, the Plains Art Museum, and Jeff Knight!

roxanne teaching

working on mt project

action of mt workshop

And our Craft Beer Garden made a return this year including 3 local breweries, fresh flowers from Prairie Petals, and The Hot Dog Peddler!



junkyard serving

And even more free DIY projects that we pulled together with our volunteers for 50+ people a hit…

make and take table

And OH MY chances for all ages to try their hand at wheel throwing with the museum staff…

wheel throwing up close


wood carving close up

(Oh, and yes, we will always flippin’ do selfie booths…)


washkish made

taea made dislay

petite et

And the night ended with a post-party at Twenty Below Coffee for our volunteers and vendors topped off with spilled champagne and good ol’ crock pot foods.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  For believe in supporting local and regional makers + handmade…standing in line to snag a swag bag…taking time to get creative yourself with workshops and beyond…and just making this community one we are SO PROUD OF to call home where we are making ours and others’ dreams happen.

Thank you Zach Davis Photography for making these photos happen and hanging out with us all weekend!!

sponsors 2017-01

Window display eye candy from 2015

Window displays might just be one of our very favorite things to work on at Unglued!  You can take the opportunity with a window to create an artistic installation to inspire everyone who walks by – but it does always take waaaaay longer than we plan to make happen (insert lots of coffee).  We might have a super small window in Fargo or split windows in Sioux Falls, but we try to make our space count and create a “feel” for the shop that is sometimes themed and sometimes just whatever we want to try next!  We learned long ago that we much prefer to have our window displays capture a feeling rather than having merchandise only.  (Sidetone: we just posted some even older window display pics on our new Pinterest board for it!)  Below is a recap of our windows from this past year and a couple behind-the-scenes looks:

Our window from Jan-April in Fargo kept a boxy peek at rotating merchandise on one side of the divided pane and on the opposing side we changed it up completely a couple times.  The first run at the changed side was an “Alice in Wonderland” theme that Kristina created to go with the Fargo Film Festival call to do our retail windows with movie themes:
alice in wonderland window

Later on within the same window we also helped promote my brother’s Northern Folk event we added a large poster temporarily and American flag supporting the American-made mission of it:

northern folk window

The rotating featured gifts boxy side of all of this:

spring window

Rewind to our combo Valentine’s peek of inventory with our Craft Fest poster hanging on the opposing side for February:

fest window

Summer window goal: To feel party-like and summer-like together to go with our Summer Party Series of workshops!  Dana used her crazy hand lettering, painting, and drawing skills to create the scene below with a keyhole to peer in the window and Kristina created the tissue and hoops to fall behind it and create a party feel:

fargo summer window

fixed fargo summer winodw night

When it came time to create our first Sioux Falls window we tried to keep with our “Summer Party Series” feel and maybe took it a little far when we realized some people thought we were opening a party store (which, I mean, would be super fun and awesome!!)…but we loved it still and it got people talking!!

sioux falls store front

Later on Sioux Falls featured the mad skills of our manager Ashley R and her string art creating a rainbow/summery background with string and then painted clouds and fun on the window to help it pop more:

sioux falls window string art

(photo from the Argus Leader’s awesome photo gallery of Ashley and Abbey doing this window installation HERE!  <– this link has a lot of pretty photos of the process of this window including of Abbey’s sweet shoes;)!)

sioux falls day string art window

ashley window string art

Window glare will be the death of us, but you can get the idea of how having some pieces of our displays super close to the window itself or on it can help a fish with that…I think both of our windows are pointed to create the worst glare possible, but the saving grace is nighttime beauty through them – and learning to work with it…

fixe sioux falls unglued sign outside

Fall window goals:  For a slight back-to-school theme we were going for some sort of “galaxy” look to them + the word curious.  In Fargo we made 3 canvases by painting them black, using paint pens to draw fall constellations, and put Christmas lights through the stars to illuminate them (and quite honestly I just really wanted these in my house afterwards!!):

constellation work

stay curious window fargo

In Sioux Falls Allie had previously done this kick ass galaxy dress DIY on our blog and utilized those skills on a way larger scale while Ashley created the letters with spray paint and planets with fabric and embroidery hoops!

ashley spray paint sioux falls

be curious spray paint window

start of galaxy background

allie galaxy background


In Sioux Falls they additionally changed up the window for the Harvest Festival (we heart fall so much!!).  During a First Friday they had shoppers stop by and write on black posterboard and write what they were grateful and used those in the window:

sioux falls thanksgving window close ups

fall window close up sioux falls

fixed sioux falls fal window thankful

Holiday window goal:  install something to go with our theme of “love local” but not “puke Christmas” either (Justin’s coined phrase used often during the holidays).  In Fargo Justin helped us figure out using PVC pipe and chicken wire to create a wreath, about 4,000 coffee filters we dipped in gold paint, and then glitter sprayed.  We added a heart wrapped in buffalo plaid wrapping paper and later added yarn balls to get the red heart to feel like it belonged more!

fixed wreath wire back room

fixed close up working on wreath

fixed wreath full back room


We had wanted to go for something huge this time for a window instead of a lot of things repeating (which is also something we love to do for eye candy…!)…sidenote: Kristina thinks someone needs to use this gold/champagne colored wreath for their wedding and I totally agree…


fixed sunny wreath

All together this Fargo window took 3 of us working a full 10 hour day on it but with a lot of coffee and great company it seriously flew by…(so seriously – that would have been 30 hours for someone alone!)…

love local window

In Sioux Falls with the split windows the whole crew created a smaller wreath and divided up the heart into another window:

fixed love local sioux falls window

fixed sioux falls window side heart

sioux falls holiday window

And that’s a wrap!!  Most of these take 1-3 days to finish and about $50-300 in supplies.  Sometimes the ones that seem like they’ll be the most cost effective end up costing the most either because of how many repeating (but cheap/resourceful) things are needed or just time itself!  It’s definitely been quite the learning curve and we get inspiration all the time from our travels, Pinterest (although we strive to not just repeat something too similar to ideas on there and use only pieces we are inspired by), shops we visit (yes, truly Anthropologie is always a stop for us any time we are in the cities), 5th Avenue in NY (ha – not by traveling there…but by searching online for snapshots of those boutiques), and going off themes we choose to get ideas specifically for and working with it (this is what happens most often!).

I really don’t think awesome window displays should only happen in 5th Avenue shops but it sure is nice they have dedicated teams to work on them (but that would take the fun out of it, right?!).  You can see some even older window displays we’ve done (and see if we’ve progressed or not!) on our new Pinterest board to keep these somewhere in the world and not on just my laptop that’s dying!

Thanks for sharing in this<3 Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!  One thing for sure is better window lighting 😉


2015 in photo review!

2015…we found the best way to recap this year of adventures, reeeeallly tough small business challenges (that are still and probably forever in the making), numerous decisions, exploding ideas and creativity, thriving relationships, road trips galore, and tons of coffee in a photo review!  Check it!

*if you are checking it on your phone some photos might be sideways but I swear on non-phones they are good to go!

fest window

Unglued: Craft Fest 2015 – our FIFTH annual Fest in Fargo at the Plains Art Museum with over 70 makers, workshops, vintage room, make and takes, food row, and more…


3 Workshop Lookbooks for Spring, Summer, and Holidays

lookbooks 2015-01

Won ND Event of the Year for our Craft Fest (still so crazy!)…

nd event of the year

Committed to the beautiful, creative city of Sioux Falls and set up shop with Unglued: Sioux Falls brick and mortar at 218 S. Phillips Ave…

empty sioux falls

chelsey lettering

sioux falls 3 photo phases

sioux falls store front

Including a Modern Textiles fabric mini shop in back…

modern textiles pop up

Hung out on North Dakota Today doing monthly (and more!) DIY’s with hosts Chris and Andrea…

vnl crew

Bringing local makers on like Jameson Leatherworks and Twenty Below Coffee

jameson nd today show fixed

And some super fun appearances in South Dakota…

ashley on kdlt

Hosted 6 weekly kids summer camps in Fargo for the second summer with local artists Chelsea and Lexie…

kids camp


summer camp chalk wall

Began to do some more frequent DIY’s on our blog thanks to our Sioux Falls crew…

marshmallow blog

dabbling in blogging

Worked on a lot of creative displays utilizing our awesome crews’ creative skills and interests and expanding them (watch for another post this weekend on our window display fun!!)…

ashley string art window fixed

Themed the summer in both Fargo and Sioux Falls as the “Summer Party Series” and worked with local vintage lovers (The White House Boutique!) on making them super adorable…

late night craft hodo roof white house boutique

Made our dream of an adult summer camp happen over Labor Day Weekend at YMCA Camp Cormorant in Minnesota…(bonus VIDEO here!)…

unglued summer camp promo

summer camp high five

kevin summer camp

jon summer camp

planters summer camp

unglued summer camp labor day group

Partied more than ever in both cities with private craft parties for all ages…

sioux falls bdays

fall into workshops fixed


And Etsy Global Craft Parties…


Inspired with our 2nd Fargo Handmade Home Tour…

handmade home tour walkway fixed



handmade home tour lemons (1)

Renovated our Fargo shop to be less of a cluster and feature our makers better (and add awesome things like Dana’s hand lettering)…

danas jewelry wall (1)

Joined forces with Fargo Brewing Company to host “Unbrewed Craft Fest” during their Oktoberfest…



unbrewed make and take

Created more with our kids during monthly Maker Clubs in Fargo with Lexie…

maker club (1)

Continued Late Night Craft Parties in both cities and at fun venues like Drekker Brewing Company

drekker late night craft

Kept our FM Etsy User Group going to connect creative handmade business owners together and host quarterly meet-ups on focused topics…

etsy user group fixed

Began to have our full-time crew take “creative days” to stay inspired and develop creative skills they have been wanting to…

creative day string art ashley

Collaborated often with our awesome business neighbors in Fargo and Sioux Falls on events…

fargo reindeer fixed

Began to host workshops at private events with other companies…

justin pig and pint


Survived a crazy and awesome holiday season themed “love local” with our incredible crew…

fixed love local sioux falls window

And ended the year with our kids’ winter camp with Lexie from Aerow and Kristina from Bakeology leading it on…

winter camp

Booyah!!  Plus this was a year of watching our crew and makers we work with grow their own businesses and events including artist instructor Chelsea opening the Make Room in Fargo, a variety of crafters hosting holiday craft shows together, venues like Drekker Brewing Company hosting a craft market and pop up shops for artists,  makers growing and some even quitting their day jobs to some even selling their businesses like Dana selling her handmade business (botny) and also becoming assistant manager in our Fargo shop(!) – and Grand Forks maker Dakotah Beard Oils just sold to the Fargo makers Barbarian, and more things we can’t wrap our minds around at the moment!

There are so many more words we want to say of 2015 but for now our hearts are totally bursting looking back on this year.  I (Ashley M) realize more than ever that I get to work with genuinely incredible people in our crew, makers, local businesses, and yourself!  This collision of small business + striving to make a difference and create an impact is hardest thing Justin and I have ever done and it doesn’t look to get any easier.  Each year, though, it really solidifies that I’d rather work 120 hours a week towards this mission with Unglued than 40 hours doing something else just because it’d be more stable 😉 (However, I did renew my nursing license one last time last night! For a rainy day, you know?).  Just grab me a huge cup of coffee and we can change the world together!  #amiright?!

We really do believe that by getting you more creative that it will enrich your life in ways nothing else can and by helping our creative communities and businesses thrive that we can create that impact (pound it).

steve jobs quote

(quote from Steve Jobs – photo from Etsy)

Our Fargo crew meets up this week to dream up the possibilities so watch out world – we’ve got more things to do and adventures to take to live out our mission to be a place and events to “buy creative and get inspired”…and we hope you’ll be alongside us during it and are grateful for you being there this past year <3

Until then here’s 2 sidenotes:

Unglued 2016_Cover Photo_02 (1)

Save the date for our Fargo Unglued; Craft Fest Feb 26 & 27!!  More info coming soon here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.48.45 PM

Our Sioux Falls shop now has its own dedicated Facebook page!