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Unglued Getaway Spring 2021 Recap!

Lavender lattes, May Day poles (because it was literal MAY DAY), flower crowns, and Watermelon Sugar dance lessons filled the air at our first-ever Spring-style Getaway Retreat at Crooked Lane Farm on May 1, 2021!

And, yes, it did take us almost a year to photo recap this gorgeous day, because it was quite possibly the first ever Unglued event that we had good weather for and I still have to pinch myself to know if I was in a dream or not that day. But now we have pulled ourselves together and can finally share that day with you. Because word to your mother: Unglued Spring Retreat 2022 is on the schedule!

Since we are in 2022 reading this now, let's reflect back on this moment in May 2021 when we were all just about to be ready for #vaxxedgirlsummer but not quite enough to not have Covid-safety protocols.

This was our 2nd official "Getaway" retreat: a carefully curated COVID-world kick ass crafty haven at Crooked Lane Farm in Colfax, ND. Basically we kept things outdoors as much as possible with a custom artist-designed (by Emily Krueger!) mask and fanny pack for your hand sanitizer and other safety goodies for the day. And, yes, that's right. We might just take credit for the fanny pack making its return.

Best friend emcee duo Max & Erica kicked off the gorgeous sunny morning - AND YES THERE REALLY WERE SHORTS SOMEHOW THIS TIME OF YEAR ALREADY. They got the people stretchy, caffeinated thanks to fan faves Thunder Coffee, and ready with the retreat 4-1-1.

After we all rejoiced in the morning sunshine, cheered with mini mimosas, and ate up some breakfast-tastic muffins we jumped into Workshop Session 1!

Our one-day retreats are filled with about 40 workshops to choose from in 3 workshop sessions taught by crazy talented local makers and artists! Session 1 included needle felted house plants, ceramic textured mugs and luminaries, pet snuffle mats, chunky modern florals, epoxy tumbler mugs, blacksmithing, bread baking, and macrame!

Spread out all over the Farm, there was something for literally everyone.

Then came sack-lunch goodness to be enjoyed anywhere your heart desired in this gorgeous location!

Plus Franklin Ugochukwu's art to stop by and check out during the noon hour!

And, of course, the option of bingo with our retreat emcees Max & Erica.


And Natasha Vodkavitch (aka Aimee) serenaded attendees with her sweet accordion tunes and very interesting May Day history takes.

Then we heated the world back up for Workshop Session 2 to bring on the afternoon!

Back at it with the forever-favorite Ralf blacksmithing, cheese platter 101 with Milk Made + DIY charcuterie boards, barn quilts, acrylic ice cream painting, punch needle embroidery, perfectly imperfect florals, quilled monstera leaves, and preserved lemons, bloody marys, and more!

With a little bonus May Day basket delivery with our amazing crew!

Little berry boxes with sweet treats from Yeobo Sweet Shop and handmade tea by Pasteur Mudende of Chai Moto (in those gorgeous cylinders above!).

Then the world paused for Happy Hour - errr excuse me HOPPY hour!!

To the tune of a visit from Trowbridge Creek Zoo's kangaroo and wallaby!

And delicious Kevin Cocktails...

And flower clip making for MAY DAY.

And dance lessons from Haylee to Watermelon Sugar in front of the May Day pole...


And a pie bar created by Kristina of Yeobo Sweet Shop...

And always more whip...

And screen printing a tote bag designed by and with Amanda Heidt...


And hoppy beer facts by Jon and Kate with specific Drekker beer samples throughout the hoppy happy hour...

And time with the super wonderful Randi Kay...

And friends!...

Then it was back to Workshop Session 3 for the last craft time of the Retreat day...

Which included terrarium embroidery, spring wreaths, roasted campfire fruit toppings, tequila tasting and mixology, scribble ladies, an evening of destressing with Randi Kay, quilled paper pots and plants, and more blacksmithing and cheeseboard making!

Then after a series of pop up dance lessons, our insanely delicious dinner arrived from Maria's Homestyle Mexican complete with as many churros as you could handle.

And more drinks!

We rounded out the evening with Trivia with Justin and ballgame nachos to keep the Retreat hangs going or just chillin' by the fire because we could be together, craft it out, and cheers to all things CRAFT and awesome.

We are indescribably grateful to Crooked Lane Farm for being the most gracious and creative hosts!

And to our Retreat sponsors Drekker Brewing Company and Thunder Coffee for keeping things so damn handcrafted and awesome! We'll see you May 2022 for a full on Spring Retreat extravaganza!

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