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Spring Retreat 2022 Photo Recap!

Updated: May 22, 2022

Get dirty was the vibes of Unglued Spring Retreat 2022 - but little did we know HOW dirty it was going to get!!

We just spent the last 7 months (read: SEVEN MONTHS) indoors with Netflix.

But suddenly we’re in the opening of a childhood movie and there’s cartoon bluebirds chirping “it’s gonna be a bright sunny day” as the giant cartoon yellow daffodils and tulips raise their faces to the sky and sigh in happiness - and somehow we don’t have allergies anymore.

On May 7, 2022 we were ready for a SPRING FLING BABY. At the century farm Crooked Lane Farm in Colfax, ND.

The morning kicked off with full on sunshine and a side of THIRTY MILE AN HOUR WIND. Retreaters pulled up to check in and get their mini bloody mary action on with a strong cup of Thunder Coffee.

Retreaters were greeted by our kick ass crew and a parking carrot.

And morning handcrafted leveled up delicious little lattes thanks to Thunder Coffee!


Plus Bernbaums bagels, friendship, and Maxine the farm dog!

And everyone understood the assignment: FARM CHARM IT UP. To enjoy this kick off of spring in full farm glam, overalls, bandanas, flower crowns, and PLAID.

"My favorite thing was the energy!!! I know that can't be planned really, but it truly is a testament to you all that so many people came dressed and ready to go for a full day of fun!" - Retreater

Then our retreat emcees Max and Annie welcomed everyone to the Farm and gave them the 4-1-1 orientation for the day (and Derby facts because indeed it was also DERBY DAY). Honky Tonk dance lessons were included.

Then Retreaters were dismissed to their first of 3 workshop sessions taught by local makers and artists! There were over 35 workshops to choose from with variety from foodie classes to soapmaking to mixology to blacksmithing to punch needle embroidery.

"The variety was insane of workshops to choose from!" - Retreater

Then lunch time called with the tasty treats of local caterer Sifa of Adibon!

Including jollof rice, Congolese veggies, sambusas, and baklava!

And as Retreat tradition holds, lunchtime also means bingo time with our Retreat emcees!

Plus Dakota Vines wine and Drekker Brewing beer bonus drinks!

And time to start creating with our crafty variety of other DIY opportunities and "make shit anytime projects!" Local artist not_hideuhs found a way to work through the insane wind and start the community street art wall for Retreaters to join in on through the afternoon in a low key paint-by-number setting.

Workshop Session 2 blew itself into the afternoon as the wind picked up complete with dust storms - and "Don't Derby Like That" mixology with Andrea and Amanda included!

A bonus class this Retreat was Full Farm Life: Tractors, training, and Crooked Lane Farm History with Brent Larson of Crooked Lane! Full of the story of the farm to actual driving vintage and modern tractors around the Farm was a fan fave for the afternoon.

Then Wholesome Happy Hour made its way into our hearts and our hands with fancy farm cocktails thanks to bar boss Langston, a Bars Bar by Kristina, and BABY ANIMALS. Like a TWO DAY OLD LAMB.

We were graced with a custom Dakota Date Book Reading from ND Public Radio's Merrill Piepkorn followed by his band The Radio Stars with special guest Smokey!

Wholesome Happy Hour also included making a mini hand tied bouquet with Botanica Floristry, a DIY hand mud mask by our crew, elderflower cotton candy(!), outdoor games, hayrides, and, of course, insane ND wind.

And it should be known that we rarely have good weather for an Unglued event. So when the weekend looked sunny and beautiful we could have predicted something else would be thrown in there. And, yes, ND is windy...but this day was a next level gusty, blustery, dusty 30mph + winds non-stop!! But that didn't stop the party thanks to our crew troubleshooting everything and our Retreaters just ready to have a glorious day regardless...with just a heavier dose of getting dirty than expected ;)

"In the scheme of things, I'm still a total Unglued event newbie ... But so far, I am still blown away by the coordination and details put into these events. It feels like crafting Christmas. It is so exciting leading up to it, the day comes and it's amazing, then you spend the next week decompressing and thinking about all of the fun things you did- but look back and realize what you missed and want to try to do next time." - Retreater

AND JUICE BOX SAMPLES! Renae of Juice Box in Fargo made custom cold pressed juice samples for Retreaters to try that were totally to die for...and served by a crew carrot, of course.

Then our last workshop session of the day - session 3! - kicked off with sticky fingers from cotton candy, dirt sticking to said fingers thanks to wind, and a round of crafty inspiration.

"My sister and I attended your event for the first time. We are in our 60s. We loved how it didn't matter how young or old you were to enjoy this day. There was something for everyone and age was not a factor. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable! Next year we hope to come back with our daughters." - Retreater

Following a crazy good farm-perfection dinner (hello pulled pork, corn on the cob, potato salad, and mac n cheese by One on One Pro Catering and a build-your-own dirty cup bar by Kristina!), Chef Scott led an all-retreat salsa seed garden planting session!

Then we raised our pots to being crafty, getting dirty (and dusty), and a BIRTHDAY(!) to cap off the night!

This Spring Fling is only possible with our amazing crew, Crooked Lane Farm, workshop instructors, and sponsors! Our crew is made up of the world's best people who come together for our events to "bust ass" as a Retreater said ;), take down tents in insanely high winds, serve up delicious food and drinks, and keep the dirty vibes strong! Our instructors are a crazy fun variety of artists and makers we've met along the way who come to teach their crafty talents and skills to everyone and share their creative work.

Sponsors for this Retreat included:

Drekker Brewing Company providing our beautiful beers!

Thunder Coffee brewing up our coffee & coming in hot in the morning with fresh lattes!

Juice Box serving up custom cold pressed juice samples!

And Yeobo Sweet Shop throwing down with candy carrots for retreaters to enjoy!

And this entire one day farm retreat idea came about thanks to Mary Jo and Brent of Crooked Lane Farm. Starting to collaborate with them to make farm craft retreats happen back in October 2019 has been one of the best collabs we've gotten to be a part of and we are so grateful they host these fall and spring retreats with us! Be sure to check out their summer line up of live music, car shows, and more.

Please support the hell outta these fine folks above as they are what keeps our community handcrafted and kicking ass.

These fine ass Spring Retreat photos were captured by the crazy talented M. Schleif Photography!

Next up is Summer Camp!! Details coming soon...

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