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Spring Retreat 2022 Photo Recap!

Updated: May 22, 2022

Get dirty was the vibes of Unglued Spring Retreat 2022 - but little did we know HOW dirty it was going to get!!

We just spent the last 7 months (read: SEVEN MONTHS) indoors with Netflix.

But suddenly we’re in the opening of a childhood movie and there’s cartoon bluebirds chirping “it’s gonna be a bright sunny day” as the giant cartoon yellow daffodils and tulips raise their faces to the sky and sigh in happiness - and somehow we don’t have allergies anymore.

On May 7, 2022 we were ready for a SPRING FLING BABY. At the century farm Crooked Lane Farm in Colfax, ND.

The morning kicked off with full on sunshine and a side of THIRTY MILE AN HOUR WIND. Retreaters pulled up to check in and get their mini bloody mary action on with a strong cup of Thunder Coffee.

Retreaters were greeted by our kick ass crew and a parking carrot.

And morning handcrafted leveled up delicious little lattes thanks to Thunder Coffee!


Plus Bernbaums bagels, friendship, and Maxine the farm dog!

And everyone understood the assignment: FARM CHARM IT UP. To enjoy this kick off of spring in full farm glam, overalls, bandanas, flower crowns, and PLAID.

"My favorite thing was the energy!!! I know that can't be planned really, but it truly is a testament to you all that so many people came dressed and ready to go for a full day of fun!" - Retreater

Then our retreat emcees Max and Annie welcomed everyone to the Farm and gave them the 4-1-1 orientation for the day (and Derby facts because indeed it was also DERBY DAY). Honky Tonk dance lessons were included.

Then Retreaters were dismissed to their first of 3 workshop sessions taught by local makers and artists! There were over 35 workshops to choose from with variety from foodie classes to soapmaking to mixology to blacksmithing to punch needle embroidery.

"The variety was insane of workshops to choose from!" - Retreater