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Craft Fest 2013 Applications are OPEN!

Unglued: Craft Fest 2013 applications are now open now through December 13, 2012 at 11pm HERE.  Be sure to have a complete application including having a website with photos of your work on the app or emailing 3-5 photos of your work to by Dec. 13, 2012 at 11pm!

We take our feedback after each fest very seriously and change things each year to give both our crafters and shoppers an even more awesome experience.  So…(drumroll)…Unglued: Craft Fest 2013 is going to have a fancy shopping night Friday, February 22 from 5pm-8pm in addition to a full, fun day Saturday, February 23 from 9am-5pm!  

We have been working with our host for the craft fest, Plains Art Museum, to make this quite spectacular.  Tickets for Friday night will be $10 and will include some pretty awesome things including an exclusive preview (and shopping) of all the booths, a drink ticket, and appetizers.  More info will continue to be announced as we get closer to February!  Saturday will remain totally free and include swag bags, Golden Tickets, free workshops, music, and more!

Want to be a part of this?!  Here’s some tips for applying to the craft fest:

*Show us your best work!  Be sure if you link a website on your application that it leads us to at least 3-5 great photos of your work!  If you are submitting photos, be sure they are high quality.  If the photo is crappy, it’s tough to see the workmanship and quality of the products.

*We LOVE when a crafter has a consistent “feel” to their products.  Whether you are doing greeting cards or sewing coffee clutches it has a cohesive style and vibe.  

*If you are a returning crafter be sure to show us progress and growth in your work.  For a lot of you Unglued was maybe your first craft fair (or indie craft fair!) and hopefully propelled your creative business!  Because of this, at least 1/3+ booths are reserved for new crafters which means we can’t accept all the work we absolutely love especially if it is exactly the same as before…so please be sure to include in your application progress, growth, change, or newness to your work!  

*Our focus for Unglued is modern or “indie” crafts.  If it is something that would sell well at a street fair or traditional craft fair, it typically is not chosen for this type of fest.  

*Some categories are more competitive than others.  For instance, hair clips and jewelry have been popular the past 2 years – as have items with birds and moustaches!  If it seems you fall into categories or styles that have more competition, be sure to show us how you are unique.

We are getting our FAQ section updated again so check there first if you have questions!  Otherwise please email us at!

Thank you so much for your interest in Unglued: Craft Fest!!  We can’t wait!!

{until then be sure to visit our brand spankin’ new shop, Unglued: Market at 408 Broadway in Fargo!}  

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