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Make magic happen...

We'll be hiring!

Unglued moved to Brewhalla attached to Drekker Brewing Company in March 2023!  We're adding a whole craft workshop/party space & moving our retail shop.


Shop Crew!

Wanna join a damn fine crew, connect our community to makers, and eat a bunch of candy?!


Our shop is run by crew who are independent, driven, personable, organized, and creative. We give welcoming shopper experiences, connect them to makers in and beyond our shop, and give lots of gift ideas. We get creative with displays and merchandising and stay organized by receiving and inputting new maker inventory. We also dance on counters sometimes.

At Brewhalla we are expanding our shop hours! We are especially looking to hire evenings (typically 4pm-8:30pm) and weekends with some weekday hours thrown in there. We will have part-time shop crew openings for typically 8-24 hours a week once Brewhalla opens early 2023 with the potential opportunity to train in our current location in December.

Craft Party & Workshop Instructors!

Inspire the snot outta people and make all the things!


We're adding the Unglued Craftatorium to Brewhalla - a workshop space to craft our faces off in and make magic happen.

We are hiring instructors (with lots of patience) who want to teach crafts and inspire - both for public and private workshops for kids and adults!


A Craft Party instructor would learn a variety of crafty projects you'd teach at a private craft party someone books.  App below!


If you are a maker interested in teaching a public workshop we have a shorter app to fill out below so we can keep in touch when we start on our future workshop schedule in our new space!

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