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Aug 23-25
& Aug 30-Sept 1, 2024

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Welcome to


"I regret nothing." - Ron Swanson

Unglued Summer Camp

It's coming. 
The most epic weekend of summer since your childhood summer camp.

But in 2024 you get to choose your own Camp adventure.  Wake up to trumpet calls. Sleep in ‘til breakfast with fancy pants coffee and mimosas. Learn new skillz in all our kick ass workshops taught by local makers. Skip the workshops and play kickball or sunbathe all afternoon. Join the (themed!) dance party. Or be a wallflower and sneak out for unlimited s’mores.

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9th Annual Summer Camp

Our 9th Annual Unglued Summer Camp is coming atcha with TWO FREAKIN’ WEEKENDS.  Yes, we’ve earned the 5+ timers club jacket and soon we'll be onto year ten which has gotta be a full track suit?  You’ll choose from Aug 23-25 or Aug 30-Sept 1, 2024 at the beautifully campy YMCA Camp Cormorant in Lake Park, MN about 50 minutes east of Fargo. 


Registration is by lottery, baby, which will open some time in early June 2024.

Feast your eyes below for more information on all that is Unglued Summer Camp from 2023 - updated info, pricing, and any changes will come in May 2024!.

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You know that amazing feeling you’d leave with after camp was done as a kid?  The kind where you realize you just made the best friends ever, ran around like crazy pants to pull pranks on other cabins, played your mind out of camp games, took time to create things with your own little hands, crushed on cute camp counselors, ate somewhat crappy/awesome food, and had the best ever carefree days?  (and this time we’ve all got a much lower metabolism).

"It’s my therapy! 😘 I could go on a and on…BEST PEOPLE, best crafting workshops, best food and dranks, best group activities—you’ve created such a creative, magical place and it fills up my soul so that I can kick ass at #adulting the rest of the year!" - Past camper

Well now you’re 21+ and we’ve got you covered.  This time with amazing food, mixology 101, and not-your-typical-camp-creations.   The weekend is yours, but know if you earn at least 5 merit badges throughout it you’ll get yourself some hella awesome take-home swag.

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What’s included??

  • Lodging in campy camp cabins.

  • All your food (campfire foods and cotton candy to late night tacos and damn delicious meals.

  • Unlimited s’mores.  It’s a thing you maybe didn't even know you needed.

  • All your drinks (fancy brewed coffee by Thunder Coffee and everything from mimosas to beer to cocktails).  Your cocktail-loving ass should note now that our crazy awesome booze beverages are served by bartenders at specified times until 11pm so you don’t jump in the lake having had too much in a pitch black thunderstorm.  And we have leveled up our mocktail game.  You're welcome, self.

  • Projects and new skills learned led by local and regional artists and makers (all supplies included as they should be).  4 full workshop sessions + approximately one million extra crafty DIY opportunities.

  • Fitness badges (check it – we’ve included hangover bootcamp to meditative yoga).

  • Epic themed dance party.

  •  Truly.  Not just the seltzer that came in hot the past couple years.

“I’m a super high strung, young-ish professional that has a hard time letting loose or getting away for a weekend. Camp allowed me to relax and recharge. I even told my best friend that I haven’t laughed so hard or enjoyed myself as much as I did at camp!” – Past Camper

Our mission = inspire the hell out of you to get creative, recharge, and connect with new friends from the region and beyond by bringing back those carefree summer camp vibes in one epic weekend full of adventure, relaxing, and making.  


Workshops to the tune of something like:  Indigo Dying, Morning Mixology, Sour Dough Bread Basics, Watercolor Painting, Hand Lettering, Waxed Canvas, Candle Making, Woodworking, Macrame, Baking, Screen Printing, Dumpling Making, and more.  Lots more.  Your mind will be blown.  This isn't just a friendship bracelet and tie dye craft camp...although you'll have plenty of opportunities to keep it classic, too.

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Let's Mastercard assess Camp tickets (2023 prices!):

Place to crash = $220

(2 nights vacation - that’s like hotwiring a cheap hotel with friends)

All food = $120+

(low end of a vacation for like 2.5 days...but this is damn delish with snacks all the time)

All draaanks = $80+

(like if you’d have basic drinks...but this is talkin’ handcrafted cocktails,

Drekker craft beer, damn fine coffee from Thunder Coffee)

Kick ass craft workshops = $200+

(led by the best ever local makers + supplies included to create LEGIT projects and learn BADASS skills all in one place + to earn merit badges to)

Bonus projects = $50+

(we just can’t help ourselves)

Camp swag = $50+

(you gotta have somethin’ for the memories to hold you over ‘til next summer!)

Fitness fun = $40

(like if you’d do a day gym, but this is the real deals with choices including yoga, bootcamp, and dance)

Epic themed dance = $25

(if you were paying the cheapest cover for a rockin’ dance party, but this includes 2 enormous body thumpin’ subwoofers we roll in and a THEME)

FRIENDS = priceless

(you didn’t see that coming?  old friends, new friends...can you really put a price on that?)

Total = $785+


But Unglued Summer Camp is just $365 and includes all your plans made for you.

You just show up.

Our post-camp surveys include quotes from the people like:

“The workshops were legit as f*ck.”
“This was one of the most fun weekends of my life.  My husband also agrees!  I will be coming every year for the rest of my life!”
"Camp gave me an opportunity to embrace and nurture my inner child. It was one of my favorite weekends of my entire life. I will be coming back every summer until I die."
“You kick ass. I came home knowing I could too. :)”
"I'm so full."
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Do I register now?

Our registration was via Lottery in early June 2024.  When it's open you may add yourself and up to 3 of your besties (if you only want to Camp it up if your ride or dies get in).  You’ll be choosing which weekend you want to enter the Lottery for OR check off both if either would work for you (and thus increase your chances as well).  After the first round you’ll be entered into the next round Lotteries until all camp bunks are claimed.


Yes.  Lottery.  Trust us, you can handle this and we can, too.  If you didn’t hit the registration button at exactly 6pm starting our 2nd year of doing this summer camp you didn’t get in and people cried.  It was stressful.


This will sound like a lot, but it's easy:  If you get in during the first round Lottery draw you’ll be notified via email and receive a link to your email to pay for your Camp spot (and to each of your individual friends’ emails if you entered the Lottery with them).  You will have 24 hours to purchase your Camp spot.   Any tickets not claimed in 24 hours will go to our 2nd round Lottery if needed and we’ll hold further Lottery draws as needed for any unclaimed bunks, giving each round 24 hours to purchase their spots  You will not receive an email if you did not get in through the Lottery until the main Lottery process is complete.  The email will come from so check those spam/junk/promo folders or add it to your contacts!

Normally anyone left on our Lottery automatically is added to the Wait List, but since our Lottery was ENORMOUS last year you will later be able to enter a Wait List separately so we know you still want in on the time of your life if a spot opens. 



We totally get it. You can sure as hell think about it, but Camp does have a max that we are expecting to reach during the short lil Lottery!  If you snooze on it, you’ll have a lame end of summer.  And no, unfortunately if you were the only 1 of your 5 friends who didn’t join the Lottery right away we can’t get sneak you in (emoji sad face right there).  But we will feel bad for you because FEELINGS.  But there's still a wait list to get on (hopeful face).

"Camp is the best weekend of the year. It is comparable to my wedding day. It’s so damn amazing & I would cry my eyes out if I couldn’t go next year." - Past Camper



Camp begins Friday evening between 7-8pm with check-in and commences Sunday afternoon around 2-3pm following a merit badge closing campfire.

Here’s a little possible (POSSIBLE) itinerary for anyone like me (Ashley) who needs to know more information and definitely not less:


  • 7-8pm – Arrive and get started with a beach patio mixer.  Coming alone?  We’ll take care of that!  #introvertsunite!

  • Beach Patio Chill Sesh

  • Camp Orientation

  • Campfire Fun, Trivia, (outdoor) Pop Heaven Sing-a-long


  • Trumpet Call

  • Fitness Badge options

  • Camp Clubs + Breakfast

  • Workshop Session 1 options

  • Workshop Session 2 options

  • Lunchy Lunch

  • Free Time (sunbathing, water things, field things, naps)

  • Epic Camp Battle

  • Workshop Session 3 options

  • Happy Hour / Free Time

  • Dinner Time

  • Dance Lounge Opens

  • Dance Party with subwoofers dubbed "homewreckers."  


  • Trumpet Call

  • Fitness Badge Options

  • Early Risers Continental Breakfast / Punch-Someone-in-the-Face-Because-I’m-too-Tired-Coffee

  • Bruuuuuunch!  Holla!

  • Workshop Session 4 options

  • All Camp Craft Time

  • Commemorative Camp Swag Making

  • Lunch Lady Leftovers to Grab for the Road

  • Commence around 2pm-ish because we are over 21+ and need to sleep for an afternoon before going back to the grind



"Unglued summer camp is the thing I look forward to all year. It’s friendship, sparkles, laughs, arts, foodies, drinkies, and silliness. And despite the fact the beds are awful, it is still kick ass." - Past camper

Basically, we want you to come.  We love you.  We love lamp.  We love CAMP!  

There’s some FAQ’s further down to get your head spinning with details if you are the kind of person that loves that (I do so *pats self on back.*)  Otherwise you should just go ahead and:

Check out our 2023 Camp Blog Recap!

"Your best day wrapped in cotton candy dipped in sprinkles and rolled in sunshine with beer." - Past camper

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You are welcome here.

We do not tolerate discrimination.

Unglued Camp will not tolerate discrimination of any kind to anyone involved in Camp including race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, or genetic information per Unglued's discretion. We have zero tolerance for harassment. This is grounds for immediate dismissal without warning from Camp per Unglued's discretion.

Basically, be awesome.

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  • How do I get tickets?
    Camp tickets are through a Lottery system that is open early June 2024 and the first round with a link that will be posted all over this page. All registrants will be entering for the chance to buy a ticket to Unglued Summer Camp for adults. If you win the Lottery you will have the chance to purchase tickets for Camp! Simple, right? The name and email used to enter the Lottery must match the information that would be used for the full registration if you win the Lottery. Individuals registering multiple times under the same name will be disqualified so be sure to enter only once. See below for Group Lottery Tickets because yes, that’s a thing! Two weekends – There are 2 weekends for camp once again because we love it that much. This Lottery will cover both weekends together. Please indicate when asked if you would like your name in one or the other or check off both if either weekend works for you. If you "win" the Lottery for registration and checked that both dates work, you will receive a link for just ONE option (ie. you will win the Lottery for one specific weekend). Group Lottery Tickets – Only wanna come to camp if your squad can? You can register for up to 4 Lottery Tickets to indicate you only want to come to camp if your friend or squad gets in. Registering for Group Lottery Tickets does not increase or decrease your chances of getting in (I know, weird, right? but it’s for real). You will need to carefully enter their full email and birth date (Camp is 21+) upon registering. We HIGHLY recommend entering a unique email for each person and not repeating yours 4 times for each of your friends. People have often missed fully registering for everyone in their party by getting 1 single email. First round Lottery will be notified starting a day after the first round Lottery closes and winners will receive individual links fully complete and pay for their camp spot within 24 hours of it being sent! For Group Lottery winners each individual will receive the link to their separate email address that were entered during the Lottery registration. This email will come from - and it could end up in spam/promo/junk folders so keep those eyes peeled or add it to your contacts. There’s a 2nd round Lottery – and a 3rd if needed +!! Any bunks not claimed by our first round Lottery winners will be opened up to a 2nd Lottery 2 days later and then a 3rd round if not all bunks are fully claimed by potential campers as needed. Basically all previous Lottery registrants who did not “win” will be put in the next round Lottery along with anyone signed up for our wait list during that time. Each Lottery round will have 24 hours to fully register and pay for their spot. If you do not get a chance to purchase tickets via the Lottery and it fills up, you will get an email notifying you by the end of the week of of the Lottery to enter the wait list if you'd like! Was that a lot of info? YES. We don't know any other way. But here's the short version: enter the Lottery, if you "win" pay for your Camp spot with the link sent to you, then come to Camp.
  • Should I come the whole weekend?
    YES! Camp is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest! Just like life. There we said it. Also because we believe it. Which is why we do Camp. Also Camp is non-refundable after July 10 (but is transferrable to someone who would use the same type of cabin). If you are not able to make it after that and do not have someone to transfer to we can still see if someone off our usually giant wait list can use it! If so we can hook you up with a full refund. However, the closer we get to Camp the more unlikely we'll find anyone on our wait list still available. It is also dependent on our crew's availability to take time to go through the wait list to find someone at that point (ie. if you cancel the week of Camp we are ballz to the wallz putting the werk in twerk getting Camp ready for you and 120 campers and will not have time to utilize our wait list at that point. I mean if Camp was twice as expensive and we had a giant crew, personal werkday DJ, and gallons of coffee then, yes, but until then there's 1-2 of us managing the back end fun for the full end fun to happen).
  • I want to have a cabin with a friend!
    SAME – we do want you to meet new faces (#goalz), but in a follow up questionnaire closer to camp we can for sure make that happen with at least 1-2 of your squad if not all of them. You'll be hitting up the nostalgia of good ol' camp cabins with about 10-14 other campers in cabins that will be separated by gender (and/or gender identity). We don't discriminate against race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or citizenship here at Camp and will ensure that you have a bunk that you feel comfortable in (just not physically comfortable, they are still hard as hell bunks #bringanairmattress?). We also do not tolerate discrimination as listed above from campers, crew, or anyone at Camp towards anyone involved in Camp. Please see our above Camp info under "You are Welcome Here" for more detail on our discrimination and harassment policy.
  • So is this just for the ladies?
    Ummm hells no! This is a badass SUMMER CAMP not a scrapbooking retreat. We’ve enlisted guys with beards and guys without beards to help us plan this to be for ALL THE PEOPLE! (the quote “The workshops were legit as f*ck” came from a dude so believe it – the dude abides). Also, YES, this is a Camp by Unglued - we are a make-all-the-things focused small biz dreaming up Camp to be the world we want to live in featuring local makers so it IS a craft-focused Camp, not a YMCA/Boy Scout/other adult camps/insert-all-your-summer-camp-assumptions here. You will craft, you will drink cocktails & beer (or actually delicious mocktails), you will eat delightful food, you will slide down a slip-n-slide to flip a cup of Hamm's beer for your team, you will dance your face off. All by choice, of course, or you can sit and sunbathe MN-lake-style the whole weekend and sunburn your ass one more time before fall.
  • Who’s coming then?
    I believe YOU ARE, but anyone who needs a carefree, campy weekend! This is NOT just for “creative people,” network-y people, or bloggers, etc etc. This is crafted up to be the weekend that you’ve needed for a long time. If you are 21+, of course.
  • I’m older than *insert age you are assuming*…will I love it?
    Our past few years of Camp have had a camper age range typically 23-47 – some tish younger and a good amount still above this range. You could say camp caters to people in their 20’s and 30’s as those who are planning it fall in that range (hiiii! I’m Ashley and I turned 40 this year). If you are a badass who wants to get away from the 9-5 for a few days, dance super hard, get bruises going down a flat slip and slide, make really cool shit with local makers, and try your damndest to earn merit badges then you need to be there. You need to be there even if you are an introvert and live in Vermont and haven’t held a glue gun in 20 years. There is alcohol and we say shit a lot and you will hear WAP during the dance.
  • Merit badges, yes?"
    For hells to the yes. Now you can totally make this weekend what you want, but if you take time to earn 5 merit badges (to include things like “Fitness,” Workshops, Wild Cards, and more) you’ll leave with a snazzy take-home award kind of thing that is SO WORTH IT. We quote-i-cized “fitness” so you don’t think we are going to kick your ass. We’ll have a few options each morning that could be epic or just really relaxed. Rumor has it: also AERIAL ARTS.
  • Which weekend will be better?
    Whichever one YOU are at. THAT is the winner. Our makers and artists leading the workshops won’t all be at both weekends and thus there will be a difference in workshop variety so consider that the biggest difference. However, we’ve never pre-released the full workshop line up until post-registration around late July so consider this your time to take a deep breathe and know that the one question we always ask ourselves is “is this epic enough” and so, yes, it will be. Otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this. Boom. Bastic.
  • I Unglued Camped it up in the past.  Do I come again?
    Oh hi past camper! Did you just live through a pandemic? Well yes, hells yes, you should come back! Yes, some things will remain like our overall schedule that continues to be spot on to kick ass. Some of the super campy or hottie hot workshops will be back, too. Overall, though, you’ll have a brand spankin’ new collection of workshops to take, new Friday night campfire fun, new camp cocktails, pop-up bonus fun, etc etc.
  • Alcohol…really?
    Why yes! This Camp is only for 21+ so it doesn’t get all weird. You’ll have other mocktail beverage options, though, if you don’t want to consume the things. There are portions of the day that drinky drinks are available to you by our kick ass servers such as mimosas for breakfast, beers for lunch, cocktail happy hour, dance bar, and more until about 11pm both nights. You’ll get to enjoy plenty if you’d like at said designated times and it’s all included! No drugs. That’s lame. We all get in trouble and camp ends which means #yousuck.
    Yes, but also note the bar closes down at 11pm each night so you don’t go drunk canoeing in the pitch black during a lightning storm. There are also times of day that alcohol is not served so you don’t use a mini blow torch during your Workshop Session 2 to prank someone and burn down the rec hall. Langston's curated camptastic cocktail bar opens during Happy Hour each day in the afternoon and prior to that you'll find some beer and other options available during our camp-famous mealtimes.
  • I only want to come if I can learn to knit.
    The beauty of this camp is you will have over 50 workshops to choose from between 4 workshop sessions. And you'll actually get to choose them around Aug 1 or so during our Workshop Registration for campers. 50 workshops means there will be crazy variety - plus there will be a Workshop Swap Wall at camp to trade your workshops, too. However, if you are set on very specific workshops in order to enjoy camp then you would be best (lol) off signing up for a public workshop by us at Unglued or other kick ass workshop hosts in your community to guarantee your satisfaction. You should come to camp for the full experience of kicking ass and not just to very specifically take a needle felting flamingo floatie with raw wool from my imaginary backyard grassfed sheep class. As a side note, we started our one day Retreats to give more of the people a taste of Unglued camp-like events. There will be a Fall Retreat in our future and it won't involve a sandy beach or bunk bed, but will involve a farm and PSL's.
  • How much??
    Ok, first consider this is ALL INCLUSIVE. We’ll bet our rescue dog we love to pieces that you’ve spent a hella lot more on a weekend to Minneapolis you had to do all the planning for that wasn’t nearly as kick ass and where you don’t get nearly as much swag, projects, cocktails, project instruction, and freaking memories you’ll never forget. The conferences you go to are twice as much with your food and lodging and you just take home a pen and notebook (and hopefully inspiration) ;) Here you will take home PROJECTS, BONUS PROJECTS, A CAMP SHIRT, CAMP SWAG, a full tummy, slip-n-slide bruises, friendship, and memories of a lifetime. Registration in 2023 (not determined yet for 2024!!) = $365/camper. This is a $30 increase from last year. I know, right? Our rental costs alone went up 30% along with food so here we are, but still doing the damn thing #thankyou2023. That increase is less than 5 of your Starbucks coffees so there's that. Please note we also pay our local artist and maker instructors (or discount their camp registration for teaching) because we believe in paying makers to teach their badass skills to you and not asking them to just promote themselves through this.
  • What do I need to bring?
    You’ll get a campy packing list before you head to Camp and it’ll include some pretty normal camp things like bedding, swimsuit, bug spray, dance themed costume, etc. Ahead of Camp you'll get about 5 email updates as the date to feel prepared and damn excited.
  • I forgot I'm in my own wedding that weekend. Can I get a refund?
    Camp is non-refundable after July 10 (but is transferrable to someone who would use the same type of cabin). If you are not able to make it after that and do not have someone to transfer to we can still see if someone off our usually giant wait list can use it! If so we can hook you up with a full refund. However, the closer we get to Camp the more unlikely we'll find anyone on our wait list still available. It is also dependent on our crew's availability to take time to go through the wait list to find someone at that point (ie. if you cancel the week of Camp, we are ballz to the wallz putting the werk in twerk getting Camp ready for you and 120 campers and will not have time to utilize our wait list at that point. I mean if Camp was twice as expensive and we had a giant crew, personal werkday DJ, and gallons of coffee then, yes, but until then there's 1-2 of us managing the back end fun for the full end fun to happen).
  • I have more questions!  And I need answers!
    Since Ashley sucks at html we’d love for you to just go ahead and email us at and we’ll get you those answers! But make sure you really read the information above first because we wrote it for you.




“There were several times that I asked myself, “What the f*ck am I doing?” (ex. Running through the dark camp in a shark costume in the pouring rain.) But it all added to the adventure.” – Past Camper

"There was just enough WAP."

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