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Washi Tape Mat

Hello Friends!

Long time, no DIY! Well, we are working hard on changing that 🙂 The crew here at Unglued is going to make it a priority to do DIY blogging more often – so consider this the start!

I was browsing on Pinterest the other day (let’s be real, I browse on Pinterest everyday) where found this pin and I immediately thought PERFECT DIY! Seems easy enough, minimal supplies, quick, cute and useful. I don’t know about you, but my rule with DIY is that it had to be useful. I enjoy making things just to make them but my home would be full of like a billion DIYs if I didn’t set rules so that is my rule – useful. Useful to me or as a gift for someone else (that’s how I get away with just making beautiful things!). So, anyways, this fit the bill.

image1 diy 1

First of, I gathered supplies- box cutter/scissors/exacto knife, a pencil, a piece of matting, and washi tape of various colors/patterns/sizes. I think the link suggests a frame, which would also work nicely, but I didn’t have a frame so I just used some scrap frame matting that we had in the shop. I also think that cardboard or foam core board would also work nicely.

image2 diy 2

Since I used the matting, I needed to cut a hole to make it a frame. I lightly traced the picture (lightly being the keyword, you’ll see why later), then drew another line just a bit further inside of that and cut out that hole.

image4 diy 4

image5 diy 5

image6 diy 6

I ended up with some weird rough edge but just tried to pick off the bits with my fingers – it’s okay if it’s rough because it will be covered in tape. It just shouldn’t have big divots or chunks missing as tape probably won’t cover that as well. Recap so far – we have measured, cut, double checked that the picture fits.

image7 diy 7

image8 diy 8 again

Next is the fun part – tape! I picked the flower tape and just went from there. With the edges, I made sure to have enough tape to fully wrap the edges. Once the whole frame is taped, I also put some tape over the ends on the back, just to make sure that the tape would stay stuck.

image10 diy 10 again

image11 diy 11

I ran into another snag here. Once all taped, I could still see my pen marks from tracing the original picture. This could be easily avoided it if I had used a pencil and erased the lines OR if I had flipped the mat after cutting but before taping (so it would be backwards). It was too late for these ideas so I just added some glitter tape on top as an accent. Now it totally looks like that was the plan, right? 😀

image12 diy 12

VOILA! All done! So easy! Now you have a frame or a matte for an existing frame. At the end, I decided to draw a different picture for it, and it still looks great.

IMG_9396 diy 12

So go!


Just make it!

And have an awesome day!



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