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Unglued Summer Camp 2019 Recap

“Camp is my new favorite place in the history of anything ever” – 2019 camper

Our first year of TWO weekends of Unglued Summer Camp is in the books and I’m proud to say that even our inflatable glitter swan island survived!  Justin and I also left still saying “we could do this all year round” so YES you’ll find 2 freakin’ weekends next year, too.  2020 will continue the magic and I’m sending the contract in tomorrow so that can be a real statement.

If one thing could specifically describe camp this year it would easily be BALL PIT.  Which you can thank the genius of Larissa Loden and her You’re a Gem Gallery for adding those balls to this camp for maybe ever now?

But if one was interested in knowing what ALL of Unglued Summer Camp is we’d probably add KICK ASS.  Our past campers would, too:

“You kick ass. I came home knowing I could too. :)” – 2019 camper

#goalz right there, you guys.

Beyond that it’s pretty difficult to describe camp.  If I’m trying to be quick I’ll say “it’s our craft camp”…but if I’m trying to actually tell someone who has never been to camp about camp to really connect them TO camp I’ll add things like…”a craft camp but like with cocktails & beer, a camp battle, the most amazing food you’ve ever enjoyed, a homewreckin’ speaker dance party, morning fitness & clubs, and just the most incredible people ever from the Midwest and beyond.”  Or maybe we could borrow a line from our friends at Nerd Nite and say “it’s like your childhood summer camp but with cocktails” to keep it concise, but I never do that because #iloverunonsentencessorryjustin

But even then I’ll see their nose wrinkle a little and think “craft camp…oh I bet my mom would like that” – which YES she WOULD but YOU (man person) and YOU (professional career person) I betcha would also happen to like it.

“I’m a super high strung, young-ish professional that has a hard time letting loose or getting away for a weekend. Camp allowed me to relax and recharge. I even told my best friend that I haven’t laughed so hard or enjoyed myself as much as I did at camp!” – 2019 camper

So below you’ll find some of the magic of camp from 2019.  Our 5th annual summer of camp but double the fun, unicorns, and BALL PIT.  But let’s just preface this with you just need to come to camp some time.

Camp kicks off Friday evening with beach patio mingling – but like the kind even you as an introvert can handle complete with social bingo, DJ AP spinnin’ to make you suddenly realize you’ve just started dancing unintentionally, and Kevin and our Proof friends servin’ up delicious dranks and Drekker beer.  Plus cotton candy.  Sometimes even hot dog wrapped cotton candy.

Then follows the legend of icecreamicorn (find out its origin inspiration on our instagram with our 2019 camp designer BRICK), honoring our 5 timers club (because we’ve been doing this FIVE YEARS.  WHAT.), learning the camp dance, and then getting all orientated.  Included:  camp sing-a-long with our camp musician Gavin, campy games with The Morken Siblings, and the most spicy emcees ever.  And lots of holographic shorty shorts worn by some of us who don’t even wear shorts in the summer.  #becausecamp

Then CAMPFIRES.  And you’ll spontaneously breaking into Wonderwall led by Richie.

Saturday morning kicks off with Gavin waking up you outta your tiny crampy child sized bunk bed to get the party started.