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Unglued Summer Camp 2018 Recap!

Unglued Camp 2018 began with a firework-holding, gyrating Unicorn and ended with major high-fives, new friendships and enough memories to get us through till next summer. For now, we look back on Unglued’s fourth year in hosting a group of kick ass people to craft, eat, dance, drink and ultimately enjoy every minute of their bitchin’ weekend away at summer camp!

Day 1 began when Unglued crew welcomed 150 campers to YMCA Camp Cormorant, with major smiles and a celebratory champagne shot! With cabin assignments in hand, guys and gals make their way to their separate cabins to get settled into their bunks.

It was then time for some ice-breakin’ mingling to be done at the beach, over Drekker beer and specially made mixed drinks by Proof Artisan Distillers. The ambiance was bass approved thanks to DJ AP and conversations were flowing, as the sunset began to set over the lake.

After happy hour came to a close, campers were directed to the Rec Hall for the first night of orientation. Camp crew synchronized their way up to the front where they welcomed each of the campers marching band style, ending with our signature camp dance, fireworks and a unicorn shaking it hard core!! (as one camper wrote in their survey “The drumline opening was insane and I can’t believe it actually happened.”)

For those of you who missed Beyonce’s performance at Coachella this year (*cough* shame on you *cough*), Unglued created an inspired camp theme off of her on-point sorority style. This included indicating what standing (senior, junior, sophomore or freshman) one was based on the number of years that they had attended camp. As classified newbies, freshman were required to wear red party hats to initiate them into camp.

Orientation ended with games, a talent show and sing-a-longs!

Day 2 welcomed campers with calm waters, copious amounts of hot coffee thanks to Twenty Below Coffee and a trombone wake up call.

Fitness options were given including sunrise yoga with Randi Kay, a trail run, water aerobics, and bootcamp with CrossFit Icehouse!

Hard pass on physical activity? No judgment there, campers also had the option of joining in on a club, including Book Club or Canoeing and Coffee.

For the third year, we were oh so lucky to have food blogger and host of Food Network show Girl Meets Farm, Molly Yeh, creating her masterpiece meals for our campers! We are talking breakfast sammies, homemade pizza and a donut wall (!!!) Yay, baby.

With full stomachs, campers made their way to their first two crafting sessions, including smoking your own cheese with master gardener, Jay, jewelry making with Larissa Loden and screen printing with artists, Miss Amy Jo and TOOTH, to name a few!

This cookie cake class blinged out cakes in 90’s fashion, under the direction of Molly Yeh! If this doesn’t scream Save by the Bell style, I don’t know what does?!

After a kick ass Molly Yeh lunch and free time (can you say, unicorn floaty + drinks + the lake), campers glammed up in preparation for our annual Camp Battle.

Team Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple and Pink met center field to go head to head for first place!

A mean game of connect four, a hangman scavenger hunt and tippy cup, ended with a Team Pink win and campers going head first down a slip & slide. At the end of the day, we were all champs!

Day 2 ended with one final craft sesh, a candlelit dinner with live 90’s jazz thanks to Hot Lunch, and epic dance, where campers were able to dress up as their favorite hero. 

From the great RBG and the complete Scooby Doo gang, each camper not only found their fun going hard core on the costumes, but the dance floor, as well.

Campers awoke on Day 3 with stubbed toes, mystery bruises and some tight quads, but nothing that a build your own bloody and outlandish Molly Yeh brunch can’t fix.

After finishing another round of fitness, clubs, the last craft session, and grabbing a group pic, we gathered at commencement, where memories were retold and each camper was able to graduate from their time spent at Unglued Camp. Cue more sing-a-longs + epic high five line + cheesy graduation songs!

Pinball winner 2018 goes out to Aaron Lindgren!  (Yes, there was ALSO free PINBALL ALL WEEKEND AT CAMP thanks to Fargo Pinball!!)

Our camp photos are thanks to our friend and camper Kelsey Sargent!!  With Unglued Camp 2018 in the books, we need to thank our amazing sponsors (hello Drekker Brewing Company, Proof Artisan Distillers, Twenty Below Coffee, Wondermade Marshmallows, Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits, and Yeobo Sweet Shop), our camp crew for literally killing it and to all you campers who created another year of rock solid crafts, bumping dance moves and all around most inviting environment for everyone – especially when that included sharing a bottle of Rose on a Unicorn floaty!! Till next year, campers!

Thank you Unglued Camp Crew, Kate Morken, for writing up a bomb ass #ungluecamp worthy highlight reel!!  (and being our Book Club leader & named in a song with me by Jay-Z.  NBD.)

As one camper wrote “Thanks for being the highlight of our entire lives” and another commented “Camp has become the highlight of our year every year” it is the highlight of our OWN year over here at Unglued and we cannot WAIT for next year Aug 23-25, 2019!!  That’s right – we’ll be the weekend BEFORE Labor Day in 2019!!   

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