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Unglued Crew, Justin and Kelsey’s, top picks!

Whew! Another awesome weekend this time full of gift workshops and a great Etsy workshop, too! Thanks so much to Chelsea Thorson of Raine Design for presenting a load of awesome info for Etsy beginners and advanced shop owners. Also thanks to The Station House who set up areas for professional photography of items for people and also computer help. We look forward to partnering up again this January for some more focused classes. And, thanks to all you creative people who came out and shared your ideas and asked great questions. Watch here, on twitter, and Facebook for updates!

This coming weekend will entail a Glass Etching (full) and Friendship Bracelet workshop, sample cake balls from Love in the Oven, and a free Christmas photobooth on Sunday – check out for details.

This past Sunday, Kelsey and Justin from the crew chose their top picks in the shop – check them out below.

Turning Pro from Ben K on Vimeo.)

*For her mom she chose mittens (we have some awesome bright colors in stock!) –

Clicking it with our camera phone doesn’t do these (or the above) items justice, but you get the idea!

Justin’s favorites:

The Fargo Christmas card –

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