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Repurposed Leather Cuff

tan cuff

I love the look of vintage leather belts! I found myself picking up a few at a local thrift store, hoping I could find something to do with them and decided to make them into cuffs. Leather cuffs are a perfect way to add interest to a casual, boho look, especially for the summer! This craft was one of the cheapest I’ve come across and I know I will get plenty of wear out of them.


  1. Leather belt

  2. Leather punch

  3. Don’t forget to search for a craft store coupon!

  4. Leather snaps kit

  5. Kit should include snaps as well as a long metal tool and circular metal piece

  6. I found two sizes at the craft store and chose the larger ones, since the leather is thick and pretty tough

  7. Hammer

  8. Scissors


1.  Cut the leather belt to a length that would fit around your wrist. *There are several ways to measure: you can use an old cuff, tie string around your wrist, or use a tape measure. I chose to use an old cuff that I liked the fit of.

2.   Punch holes on each end of the leather piece.   *I eyeballed about 1/2″ from the end and used the third biggest size of the leather punch.

metal tools

3.  Attach the snaps:

*I have labeled the pictures so it is easy to see where each snap component goes and which go together.

black bracelet rivets

tan bracelet rivets

*Once you have placed the snaps in the holes, place the metal piece beneath one end and the metal tool on the top and hammer the metal tool. Continue hammering until the snaps are firmly in place.

doing rivets

*Do this to both ends.

black cuff

4.  Once the snaps are attached, the bracelet is ready to wear.

tan cuff

{Blog writer above, Abbey, is a part of our Sioux Falls crew for the summer and has the best style ever (she’s on the Sioux Falls shop ELOFSON street team!)!  If you try this Repurposed Leather Cuff by August 15 and tag @ungluedmarket on Instagram with a photo of your finished product – and yourself – we’ll get you a $5 gift card just for getting all creative with us!}

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