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Organize It! Makeup Brush Holder Tutorial Review

We’ve been inspired to drop a bit of paperwork and to-do lists with this hint (some days!) of spring and get to MAKING things again!  Today Emily reviews a DIY Makeup Brush Holder tutorial below using some really perfect fabric from Modern Textiles…hope your spring is filled with making and creating as well!

make up roll 1

“I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be an easy-ish project that I could at least attempt without help (warning: new seamstress here!). I followed the pattern for the most part, though I smudged a little on measurements as I wanted to use my scraps from a previous project that the lovely ladies at Modern Textiles had helped me with.

make up roll 2

Overall, it was a simple piece to make. I made a few different sizes of pockets – I didn’t measure with a ruler, just with my brushes. It wasn’t until the very last seam that my sewing machine decided it was SO OVER this project and refused to work anymore. I decided to just hand-stitch the top with big, obvious stitches as I was traveling over the weekend and wanted to use this! The hand stitching ended up actually “making” the piece for me – adding more character and a more handmade look.

make up roll 3

This was a quick, easy project that I see being very useful. I am thinking it would even make a really great gift for future birthdays and perhaps for my sister’s wedding (she mentioned as a bridesmaid gift).” – Unglued Crew Emily


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