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Meet the Maker: Amy Jo Hendrickson


This month meet printmaker Amy Jo Hendrickson who has been an artist with us since the beginning of our shops!  We have loved her annual cowgirl prints, Coffee is Delicious as Hell artwork, and lefse tea towels and any time a new piece comes in we get really stoked.  Watch our Facebook pages (Fargo and Sioux Falls) for a live 34 Questions we’ll be recording with her towards the end of April in her studio!

Read on to learn more about this North Dakota native!


Tell us a bit about yourself : My name is Amy Jo. I grew up just south of Fargo on a farm near Colfax, North Dakota. Although I’ve now lived in Minneapolis almost longer than anywhere else, I will probably always say I’m from Fargo. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Minnesota State University Moorhead. I moved to Minneapolis to complete my graphic design degree and along the way I learned how to screenprint in a basement laundry room. I have a storefront studio called Who Made Who that I share with my husband Dale. We live in an old house in NE Minneapolis with our 3 year old daughter Sadie and our 10 year old English Bulldog Lola.

Describe your handmade business: Hand screenprinted art prints with an emphasis on humor, nostalgia, glitter, and the random surprises encountered in the printmaking process.


What is one of your most favorite items you have made? Lumberjack Soap Opera – a portrait of a lady and a bear.  “Is is true love or is the bear being held against his will? Tune in for the next exciting episode.”   The question I get asked most is “Who is she?” I’ve heard everything from Morgan Fairchild to Dolly Parton.

What are your most essential tools? A sharp squeegee, Photoshop, and Led Zeppelin.


How has your business evolved over the years since beginning? From Rock Posters to Lefse Love! I began my career making posters for rock shows out of necessity. When I lived in Fargo I booked all ages shows under the name Team Fargo. We made a zine and a poster to promote each show. I also worked on the Campus Activities Board booking musical acts at MSUM and soon bands started seeking me out. The posters led to other freelance design work, including logos and packaging design. In my spare time I would make art prints. In 2014 I slowed down production to have my baby and phased out most of the freelance graphic design side of my business. I wanted to focus more on the art prints that tend to give me the most joy making. I love to hear people laugh when they come to my booth.

What is a word that best describes you? Obsessive.

Current obsession: Henry Rollins (after listening to the 3 hour Joe Rogan podcast). Previous obsession: Cake decorating (my daughter just turned 3). Constant Obsession: Wax museums (can I own one?).


What advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago? Practice makes perfect. You want to learn how to draw? Practice. You want to learn how to play the piano? Practice. You can probably do just about anything if you make a regular practice out of it. I wish I had realized that sooner, but it’s never too late to start!

Any super random tidbit about you?! I used to be the Resident Manager of the legendary Stratford Apartments on 8th St & 2nd Ave S in Fargo. Collected the rents and mopped the hallways. I still love that place so much.



Thank you Amy Jo!  Watch our Fargo Facebook page for a live 34 Question video with Amy Jo towards the end of April in her Minneapolis studio!

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