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Late Night Craft Party Recap DIY

late night craft party

As part of our Handmade Home Series we hosted a Late Night Craft Party…our first-ever with more to come quarterly!  Gold leafed agate coasters were created, bitters for cocktails were made, and a new garden & tonic drink recipe found.  Below is a recap of how this fun was created for you to try out this summer!

It’s no secret we LOVE GOLD LEAF!  We also love agates.  Two of the ultimate tutorials we learned from are here and here!  Chelsea Thorson of Raine Design instructed with some helpful hints we learned from her as well:

agate coasters

1.  Get your agate slices.  Make sure you have clean fingers prior to touching gold leaf!

2.  Apply gold leaf adhesive (we used a foam brush but you can use a paint brush).  This is the most important step!  Be sure to avoid areas you don’t want the gold leaf to go.  Allow to get tacky prior to the next step.

3.  Lightly take pieces of gold leaf and carefully tap onto the edges of the coaster where adhesive was applied.

4.  Use a non-sticky finger to rub edges to flake off extra pieces of gold leaf.

5.  Apply CLEAR adhesive stickies to bottom of coaster.

6.  Apply gold leaf sealer.  Since this is metal leaf and not real gold it will tarnish without sealer.


Bitters!  Our Late Night Craft Party included making 2 bottles of bitters – the “spice” of cocktails.  We had 4 oz and 2 oz glass dropper bottles, vodka, and a variety of spices (star anise, cardamom, coffee beans, cinnamon, orange zest, cacao nibs, and more!).  People chose their spices to put in the bottles and filled it with vodka.  We also had ways to decorate the bitters bottles with gold leaf, wax seals, and more.  About a week after these sit the spices can be strained out and the bitters mix filled back into the bottles.


Cocktail Recipe!  Mixologist Sophie Johnson crafted up a Garden & Tonic Cocktail Recipe that she also designed an adorable recipe card for below.  All ingredients were mixed and enjoyed!

garden ginger cocktail2-1

garden ginger cocktail3-1
garden ginger cocktail-1

Have a beautiful summer!!  Be sure to join us for more of our Handmade Home Series coming up this summer and our next Late Night Craft Party this fall!

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