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So apparently everyone has quite an opinion of Valentine’s Day.  There’s the haters, the lovers, the forgetters, and then there’s the Adam Levine-er’s who, if you’re like him, think there should be at least 50 Valentine’s Days a year to keep sweet romance going.

As February 14 is getting closer restaurants get booked up and it can get a tish crazy if you are one to celebrate the day with your Valentine so we thought we’d pull together some simple yet candy-coated ideas with some of our handmade goodness and other sweet ideas to tie them together with.

To send him a message we’ve got the Man Card from 618love and solid cologne from Aromi!


Candy-coated idea:  Bacon.  Make lots of bacon.  Make bacon in the morning with a steaming hot cup of fresh coffee.  Make bacon for supper.  Just do a lot of things with bacon.  And give him lots of compliments and avoid talking about everything that needs to be done.

For a dash of normal V-day gifting with a twist of trendy, chic, and pretty check out our brass jewelry with arrows and words from Larissa Loden and Sweet & Simple Jewelry.  Stop by Unglued to pick ’em up and we’ll wrap them in our signature cupcake box and baker’s twine.


Candy-coated idea:  Watch for our Facebook offer coming next Monday and Tuesday to be used on a pair of cupcakes for Valentine’s.  Give her the above, light some candles at your dining table, play your favorite mix…pandora station, and eat some cupcakes!  Afterwards put some hot cocoa in travel mugs and take a walk downtown or stay in and watch some devour videos with popcorn.  Maybe watch them under a fort you make out of all the sheets and blankets you own.

To pair with a bottle of wine – a snarky card and cute tea towel.  We love this Love tea towel from b.haven and she would, too!

love towel

Candy-coated idea – pair it with a bottle of Pinot Noir from 99 Bottles in Moorhead.  We recently fell in love with this shop and its brother Bridgeview Liquors.  99 Bottles recommends either Anakena Pinot Noir ($7.99) from Chile or even better Primarius Pinot Noir ($15.99) from Oregon.  (card says, “Sharing is caring.  Unless it is an STD.  Aren’t you glad I don’t have one?  Happy Valentine’s Day.)

For the craft beerman in your life, it’s time to impress him and we’ve got the perfect card to go along with a fancy beer you can pick up at Bridgeview Liquors in Moorhead.

Candy-coated idea:  Both buy the beer and learn about it.  Bridgeview recommends if you want a 6-pack for this type of guy go with Bell’s Smitten and look up a review

here.  The Bridgeview employee we talked to said he tried it last weekend and it completely made him think of spring.  Additionally, this beer was literally just released so it can’t get more impressive than that!  If you want to go for a single 22oz. bottle then check out Delirium Tremens – a Belgian beer you can check out more about here.

For a little fun-lovin’/a lotta it:

mr donut



It’s simple, but then you can candy-coat it:  Either go to Sandy’s Donuts in West Fargo early that morning with your love, before work starts, to share a coffee and donut (or muffin!) and break out the card + donut OR donut bomb them at work.  You could pick up Sandy’s before you go to work or school, run over to their workplace with the donuts, donut magnet, and card – or ask a friend to help you out if you can’t get over there!

For a pissy morning person, wake them up with this card, fresh-roasted coffee from Peace Coffee, and a new handpainted coffee cup and plate (especially if you don’t have time for breakfast in bed!)


Candy-coated idea:  Use a simple morning gift like this and then tell them not to make plans for the evening.  Bundle up after work and take a walk on the river – there’s a few points on the Sheyenne and Red that you can walk on (watch for snowmobile tracks to know where it’s safest ice…but watch out for snowmobiles!).  It’s really amazing if you can do it before/during the sunset.  Afterwards go home to warm up with your coffee or hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps and play speed scrabble and then watch Bob’s Burgers on hulu.

But what would be REALLY COOL to gift to your Valentine is a future date to a really incredible day coming up Friday, February 22 at our Craft Fest Gala Night!!  For just $8/ticket you’ll both get a drink ticket, appetizers, live jazz, and hang out with the area’s finest modern/indie crafters at the Plains Art Museum where you can also explore the new Andy Warhol exhibit (included in the ticket, too!).  Register HERE and get more info HERE.


(include an adorable stitched card from Taea Made to put the tickets in!)

And we can’t forget the last ultimate ideas that you can make right here at Unglued 2 days before Valentine’s:


If you are somehow a second-grader reading this (or a parent…) get registered for Camp Cupcake!  Tuesday, February 12 4p-5p for $22 kids will learn to decorate 4 cupcakes and leave with them in a Valentine’s-styled box plus a Bakeology apron!  Register HERE.

valentines lightroom new

If you are a teen or adult you should definitely come to create your own sweet DIY Valentine February 12 at 5:30pm.  $15 will get you a Valentine to gift out of a lightbulb, wire, and wood cube PLUS a cupcake!  Register HERE.

Either way, we hope you have a great Thursday, February 14 celebrating Valentine’s or just hanging out!

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