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Handmade Home Tour Fun

“This is the kind of day that changes your life.” Handmade Home Tour Participant


We had such a blast during our first-ever Handmade Home Tour!  Especially because the tour sold out and we had so much interest in it we wanted to be sure to share with you some of our favorite photos from the tour on August 23.  It was a rainy afternoon so the bicycle portion of the tour didn’t happen, but we carpooled with over 40 attendees around to 5 different homes and apartments in the Fargo area and ended with an inspiring workshop at the Green Room Design Lab.

PicMonkey Collage attendees

Each tour was guided by one of us from Unglued.  At each of the 5 homes on the tour attendees got a chance to explore the space and home, enjoy desserts and drinks, and then gather around to have time with the homeowner/renter to hear about their style inspiration and handmade elements to their home – and also ask questions.  It was a home tour restyled to allow time to truly get inspired, get to know the homeowner, and see how the “story” of their home fits them.  It was awesome!

PicMonkey Collage snacks

Below we recap the 5 homes with some photos by the talented Kelsey Sargent from Songbird Illustrations!  Thanks for checking it out and check back for next year’s dates in early spring!


pinterest page

Check out our Pinterest Handmade Home Page here for some great curated inspiration by our Unglued crew!

dana 3

Home #1 was Dana and Adam’s home where they reside with 2 wonderful pups and 2 cats.


Dana has been one of our crafters at Unglued and working at the shop as well!  It was completely awesome to walk through her and Adam’s home and her studio.   Sooo many great handmade, vintage, and upcycled items.  We loved the variety in the decor and how it was all cohesive and each item had its place and fit perfectly.  They had just finished some larger items they had DIY’d like their credenza and told the story of using a local hardwood shop to create their coffee table with pin legs they sourced.  We also got to check out their super cute patio area complete with hibiscus flowers even!  The thing I remember the most that Dana said  was that they keep their clean aesthetic by if they buy something new it should replace something they have.  It totally follows the quote “Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” (William Norris).  You can also see Dana’s home tour featured on the Etsy blog a couple years ago here!

dana 4 collage

“Getting ideas to decorate your home, getting that inspired feeling that helps to drive a vision into taking place and getting to meet so many creative people!”

– a “favorite thing” by a Handmade Home Tour Attendee

dana large collage

Home #2 was The Cloud House – home to Regin, Megan, and their adorable daughter.


The Cloud House has been featured in our local paper before and is famous for the cloud room that floats over the entry way into their house.  The cloud room is used for yoga, movie-watching, guests, and more.  This energy efficient modern and Scandinavian-styled home has an unbelievable story that we got to learn about from Megan!  They basically built a home around a home to flood proof it with a concrete wall (they are located close to the Red River).  Inside the home areas are reminiscent of the previous home such as exposed walls and stucco.  Megan’s own beautiful original art is also in the home along with others – even their sidewalk pieces were made by their architectural students that were left at school!  Just about everything from the Cloud House was sourced locally such as security glass from the Fargo airport!  You can read more of their story from the article back in 2012 here.

PicMonkey Collage cloud house inside

PicMonkey Collage stepping stone

“Seeing and hearing about the cloud house from its owner was inspiring in a way I never thought it would be (I didn’t think uber-modern Scandinavian would be my thing, but that’s the place I can’t stop thinking about).” – Handmade Home Attendee

PicMonkey Collage cloud house

Home #3 was Lauren & Robby’s home with their sweet baby girl!


Lauren had been featured in the Forum’s home tour section and came highly recommended!  Leading up to the tour some of Lauren’s friends had stopped in and were raving about the level of handmade beauty in this home – most done all by Lauren herself – and it was just awesome in real life!  Lauren had made so incredibly many pieces throughout their home that complimented other handmade pieces and art she had bought/received or even found during clean up week!   From their adorable grey/yellow nursery to their hanging book chandelier in their kitchen to the repurposed photo globe we all had questions how everything was made and were inspired to take home ideas for our own homes!  It was such a great inspiration of how projects from Pinterest can be made (like seriously for real made, not just pinned!) and in turn made in such a way that tells the story of your home by personalizing pieces and choosing ones that represent things and styles you love.

Laurens collage

“I really enjoyed seeing that there are so many unique places in our community. I also like that these are not all brand new homes like the Parade of Homes, but instead places that the homeowners have put time and effort into making it perfect for them.” – Handmade Home Attendee

PicMonkey Collage lauren

Home #4 was the apartment of Sophie who is an incredible local artist!

Sophies collage

Sophie’s apartment came recommended to us by local artists in town!  Her use of space, original art by herself and other local artists, and the plentiful amazing plants throughout it complimented vintage and found pieces and furniture.  The highlight of her main room was this huge vintage map from Midmodmadhaus here in Fargo.  The apartment resides in a historic area of Fargo with a view of a large park here right from her fun, chill porch.  People were so interested in the build of this unique apartment place with the walls that had bump-out stripes, the pink 50’s bathroom tile, and to learn from Sophie about her favorite types of plants and which she’s had the most success with.  The next biggest question was where she got the amazing twig ball from (Zandbroz!).

sophie small collage

“I think our homes should reflect who we are, and this tour was fun as it allowed us to see that in many different ways. And who would not have loved all the special treats! Yum!!! I also met some really nice people and it was fun to share this experience with them.” – Handmade Home Attendee


Home #5 was Katie’s home from The White House Boutique where her family resides on historic 8th Street.

katie large collage

Katie’s home is a vintage-lovers and upcyclers dream…like seriously a dream!  The home itself is incredibly unique with rounded door ways and windows, wood walls, original wallpaper, breakfast nooks that were for house staff in the past, and huge sun room.  Katie’s style and decor coincides with The White House Boutique taking vintage items and creating something new out of them.  Things like upcycling a suitcase or even hollow vintage TV to become a bar cart/holder, adding washi tape to piano keys to add a hint of whimsy, or even something as simple and beautiful as displaying Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper in an antique bin can totally change up a room and fit perfectly.  This house must have been built for entertaining and all of her found and created items curates an atmosphere of inspired home parties and warm fuzzies!  Check out more on The White House Boutique’s blog!

katie 4 collage

“All of it!”

– Handmade Home Attendee response to “What was your favorite thing about the tour?”

katie 3 collage

Seriously what an awesome day!!

Afterwards we headed to the Studio  to meet up with Leanne from the Green Room.  We enjoyed more desserts, a fancy cocktail, and a DIY to finish off the evening with inspiration!!  We emphasized to not go home wishing away where you live but to think about the most inspiring pieces, decor, and styles that hit home to each person individually and to find ways to use those things in their own home to be a place each person loves and wants to simply call home.  Can’t wait for next year!!

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