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Flower Potluck Gold Leaf Mason Jar

flower potluck kelsey

On Thursday, July 31 we are pairing up with Prairie Petals for a Flower Potluck inspired by Kinfolk!  Below we have our DIY for gold leafing a mason jar but you are welcome to join us on this beautiful summer night to make your own, enjoy desserts and drinks, and learn to arrange flowers based on what you have in your backyard, the wild, and from a shop!  Your “hot dish” to bring to the potluck is 12 stems of flowers in water to share. These can be wild flowers, from your garden, or bought (Prairie Petals will get you set with 20% off a dozen flowers as well when you mention this workshop!). This beauty of an evening will take place at Elevate Executive Meeting Suites at 210 Broadway on the 4th floor.  You can register for tickets HERE!

crab apple flower potluck

Gold Leaf Mason Jar DIY



Mason Jar (we used a quart size with regular mouth)

Masking Tape/Painters Tape

Foam Brush

Gold Leaf (ie. metal leaf)

Gold Leaf Adhesive Size

Gold Leaf Sealer (spray or brush on)

gold leaf mason jar DIY-01

1.  Tape off the top with your tape.  Be sure to press down well so no adhesive sneaks under.

2.  Apply gold leaf adhesive size.  We’d do an area big enough to lay down a full sheet at a time.

NOW WAIT!  Allow the size to get less milky looking and actually feel tacky to touch.

3.  Apply gold leaf sheets.  As you lay it down on the jar you’ll begin to smooth it down more with your fingers and can tear off pieces that aren’t covering adhesive to use in other areas.  The letters are a little tricky on the mason jar and require more intentional smoothing with your finger.  Be sure to not use fingers that have the adhesive on them as you smooth out the leaf.

4.  This photo is an example of what happens if you don’t wait for the adhesive size to be tacky enough – it’ll slip around in areas.  This is totally fine because you can wait longer and apply more adhesive size over this area and gold leaf sheets/pieces.  It’s just annoying;)  So wait, really.

5.  Once you have all the gold leaf on you want apply sealer.  Leave your masking tape on.  You can brush on or use a spray sealer specific for gold leaf.

6.  Remove tape!  We usually don’t wait for everything to dry so just be sure to slowly pull the leaf off.

flower potluck edited

Add flowers!  And come to our Flower Potluck – it’ll be a beautiful night to hang out with old and new friends as well!  This is a part of our Handmade Home Series so check out more plus our Handmade Home Tour by bicycle as well on August 23.

Happy leafing!

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