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DIY Galaxy Inspired Dress


I have always wanted my own galaxy inspired shoes or other apparel.  So I decided to revamp an old dress that was in the back of the closet. The galaxy scenery is so fun and a little out there/eye catching! Clothes can be so spendy, yet you won’t find something fun like this at the store. If so, it is more than likely going to cost more than necessary. Why not create your own fun piece of clothing that is dreamy, unique, and one of a kind!? You will feel like the center of the universe while wearing this piece of apparel. Promise. It is super cool, fun, and… made me feel a little more young  or alive (which to me, was a good thing). Bring out your inner fun/child and get in touch with the universe!


You will need:

  1. A black 100% cotton dress (or a black tank top, t-shirt, bandana, or whatever your heart desires!).  Be sure that it is 100% or MOSTLY cotton. If it is not – the bleach could make your material weak and eat through or make it shrivel.

  2. Bleach

  3. Empty spray bottle

  4. Fabric paint or acrylic paint in purple, blue, white and yellow

  5. Glitter fabric spray paint

  6. Sponges

  7. Old toothbrush

  8. Pencil

1.  Lay the dress (or other garment) on-top a plastic garbage bag inside your bathtub. In the spray bottle, make a mixture of half bleach and half water. Spray the shirt unevenly – lightly mist some areas and then create areas of highly concentrated bleach (where you want your cosmos to be). I let it pool up a bit in these areas to create a nice effect. It will turn an orangey/pink color pretty immediately, but will take some time to lighten, so don’t go too crazy with the bleach. When I stopped spraying it looked like this:

I then let it sit for about 2-3 hours until it lightened to look like this:


I then rinsed the dress very well to get the bleach out, layed it back on the plastic and went back over the highly concentrated spots with more bleach water… in order to get the spots as light as possible (it seemed that by rinsing the dress well helped get some of the color out and allowed the bleach to activate better a second time).  The second bleaching will take less time (30-60 minutes). Let it lighten until it looks white in the middle.

2.  Wash your garment and also dry it. Now you are ready to add color!

3.  Put some plastic or cardboard on the inside of your garment, so your paint will not seep through to the other side.


4.  Water down some purple paint, and with a sponge, go around the bleach spots.


You can also add a little bit to the black areas. (I used more watered down paint and then a bit thicker paint with less water toward the outside, to get the colors to blend well into the pink and white bleach spots).

5.  Using an additional sponge of watered down blue paint, go around the outside of the purple. Then apply some blue to the center of the black areas.


6.  Now spray the entire thing with Glitter Fabric Spray Paint! SO COOL.

7.  With a toothbrush, you will now add stars that stand out more. Using a toothbrush dipped in white paint, bend the bristles back so it scatters white flecks.


By holding the toothbrush at different angles, you’ll be able to create different size stars, which is important for creating depth. Concentrate the flecks more in the darker areas. Then, using a sharp pencil dipped in white paint, create larger stars by making X shapes. I also added some dot-shaped stars using the tip of the pencil.


8.  To make the light spots stand out more and make it a little less flat, I added a bit of yellow inside the white areas (mainly around edges).


And now you have a Galaxy piece of clothing that is super eye popping and Out of this World!



  1. I painted one side of my dress one day, then came back and did the other side the following day. With the watered down paint, my dress got pretty wet, so it took awhile to dry in order to do the other side.

  2. If you happen to not like how something turned out, or have extra pieces of material/scraps – You can always cut them up and make a scarf for your pet 😉 !


this morning

the stars folded into the moon,

sunk off in the horizon,

and the sun rose

just for you.

so if you ever feel alone

or doubt your self worth

remember one thing:

galaxies have shifted just for the chance to see you shine.

so shine.

-tyler kent white

{Blog writer, Allie, is a part of our Sioux Falls crew and also is an incredible baker (find her HERE)!  If you try this Galaxy Inspired DIY this weekend – thru July 12 – and tag @ungluedmarket on Instagram with a photo of your finished product – and yourself – we’ll get you a $10 gift card just for getting all creative with us!}

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