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Citronella Mason Jar DIY

One of our favorite DIY’s for the summer is the Citronella Mason Jar. Not only is it quick and easy, but it’s also a cheap, functional, and tasteful way to keep the bugs away.  (Plus check out at the bottom how this is related to some pretty sweet birthday fun coming in Fargo and a Late Night Craft Party in Sioux Falls!) Time: 15-20 minutes


wick photo


  1. Pint sized mason jar (with metal lid and metal screw band)

  2. ⅛” lamp wicks

  3. Citronella torch fuel

  4. Hammer

  5. Phillips screwdriver


lid hole
  1. Begin by punching a hole in the metal lid

completed lid hole
  1. Place the phillips screwdriver in the center of the lid and hammer until you’ve made a hole

lid with wick
  1. Thread the lamp wick through the whole so ¼” is sticking out

jar with tiki
  1. Fill mason jar with citronella fuel

jar with wick
  1. Put the metal lid on the mason jar so the long end of the rope is saturated by the fuel

  2. Screw on the metal band

  3. Enjoy!

{Blog writer above, Abbey, is a part of our Sioux Falls crew for the summer and has the best style ever (she’s on the Sioux Falls shop ELOFSON street team!)! Join us on Thurs, Aug 20 in Fargo for our shop’s 3rd Birthday Bash from 5-9pm where you can make these for free, too!  More HERE!  Sioux Falls will be having their Late Night Craft Party that same night and making a bit of a fancier version of this along with maple bourbon syrup and more!}

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