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10th Annual Unglued Craft Fest Recap!

We find it 100% unreal that we just celebrated our 10th Annual Unglued: Craft Fest a couple weeks ago!!  Back in 2011 we truly started this assuming it’d just be a one time, one day event in the dead of winter to help our friends (and new friends!) sell their modern handcrafted work, but here we are with our 10th Fest that has grown to a brick and mortar shop in downtown Fargo, public and private craft parties and workshops, kids’ summer camps, sleepaway summer camps for adults, one day badass craft retreats and MORE.  And, oh man, we can tell you stories of things that have failed hard and things that have needed big ol’ changes to keep goin’ but that’s for another day (but I always feel is important to note because #reallife).

We knew going into year TEN (TEN?!) that we needed to make this one helluva crafty birthday party celebration with throwing back to past vendors who’ve showcased their work at the fest to past amazing fest posters…paired with all things birthday like CAKE, gummy bear toasts, so.many.crafts, a GIANT BUFFALO PINATA, cotton candy, and more…ultimately paired with a crazy talented, mind blowing line-up of our 10th Annual 70+ artists, crafters, and makers!

So we started it off as all good parties should with an epic poster designed by Ben Brick!

We kicked off the weekend on Feb 21 with the return of our Craft Preview Party and we just happened to be able to pair it with the BEST WEATHER WEEKEND WE’VE EVER HAD IN A MILLION YEARS DURING THE FEST.

There was screenprinting thanks to Amanda Heidt of Hannaher’s Print Studio and Dana Holscher!

Artist Nichole Rae inspired the people with an affirmation celebration coaster!

And our Unglued Crew created succulent pots with mini origami cranes…you know, just pairing two of our most loved crafts of Unglued together in one adorable crafty project!

DJ AP was LIT and kept attendees ready to dance (or at least bounce) at all times throughout the night.

The food was NEXT LEVEL thanks to Deb’s Corner Foods, Milk Made cheese planters, and Maria’s Homestyle Mexican!!  #tacos.

And then later in the evening we got to enjoy a gummy bear toast (yes, champagne and prosecco-flavored gummy bears!) thanks to Yeobo Sweet Shop (YEs delivered by unicorns because isn’t that what we all want in life?).

It was this wonderfully chill, DIY-filled, celebration of CRAFT…birthdays…and kicking off the Fest’s MAKERS!

Then we got to the MAIN EVENT Saturday of the Fest and it started out quite beautifully thanks to the best flippin’ swag line ever serenaded by Randi Kay:

Our swag bag has been SO HOT since the first ever Unglued: Craft Fest and this year won so hard.  Full of samples, coupons, and fun from our makers and sponsors it was a hard win.

And then the shopping began!!

Our community discovered the work of over 70 makers, artists, and crafters showcasing their amazing handcrafted talents on all 3 floors of the beautiful Plains Art Museum!