Labor Day Summer Camp

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Drekker Brewing Company (best ev-ah craft beer – hello Techno Viking!, – workshops at camp, and partnership!)

Twenty Below Coffee (best damn coffee, workshops, caffeination!)

Proof Artisan Distillers (reeaaal legit amazing vodka/gin/whiskey, workshops, and mixology!)

Eide Bailly (seriously incredible how much these guys support local events & small business)

Wondermade (if you haven’t tried their artisan marshmallows you basically haven’t lived)

Eco Chic (repurposing, chalk painting, inspiring, and redesigning the Fargo world & beyond)

But this time you get to choose your adventure.  Wake up to trumpet calls.  Sleep in ‘til breakfast with fancy pants coffee and mimosas.  Learn new skillz in all our kick ass workshops taught by local makers.  Skip the workshops and play kickball or sunbathe all afternoon.  Join the (themed!) dance party.   Or be a wallflower and sneak out for unlimited s’mores.

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Justin and Ashley (and our whole Unglued crew) had been dreaming up a Summer Camp weekend after hosting our kids’ summer camps the past 3 summers.  Let’s just say that all the things have worked themselves out.  2015 will go down as the first-ever Unglued adult summer camp and 2016 is set to top it with bitchin’ new workshops, a famous chef, and more surprises.

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“It was like the best wedding reception ever, merged with the best craft classes ever, and took over a sleep away camp.” – 2015 Camper


Labor Day weekend, Sept 2-4, 2016 we are taking over the YMCA Camp Cormorant (about a 50 minute drive east-ish of Fargo).  Like the whole thing.  Beachfront (water trampoline, canoes, kayaks!), rec halls, dining room, cabins, and ridiculously huge fire pits.


You know that amazing feeling you’d leave with after camp was done as a kid?  The kind where you realize you just made the best friends ever, ran around like crazy pants to pull pranks on other cabins, played your mind out of camp games, took time to create things with your own little hands, crushed on cute camp counselors, ate somewhat crappy/awesome food, and had the best ever carefree days?  (and this time we’ve all got lower metabolism and 30-something bods).

camp website friends-01 “The only thing that would have been more amazing is if woodland creatures would have gathered around our feet and led us in song.” – 2015 Camper


Well now you’re 21+ and we’ve got you covered.  This time with amazing food, mixology 101, and not-your-typical-camp-creations.   The weekend is yours but know if you earn 5 merit badges throughout it you’ll get yourself some pretty damn awesome take-home swag.

camp website food-01 “Seriously there was a screw up with the food and a fancy restaurant somewhere ended up with beans and weenies and we got their food.” – 2015 Camper


What’s included??

  • Lodging in separate boys vs girls cabins (seriously. we went there and are going there again)
  • All your food (campfire foods to bagel bars to trail mix buffets and more)
  • Unlimited s’mores.  It’s a thing.
  • All your drinks (fancy brewed coffee and everything from mimosas to beer to cocktails)
  • Projects and new skills learned led by local and regional artists and makers (all supplies included)
  • Fitness badges (chill out – we’ve included hangover bootcamp, dance, and meditative yoga)
  • Epic themed dance party
  • More!!

“There was seriously nothing I would change.  It was way more than I could have expected to be included.  It’s something I will talk about for a very long time.  I hope you continue to do this.  I would book every Labor Day weekend from here until the end.” – 2015 Camper


Our mission = to inspire the creative/carefree side in you to have the best weekend ever full of adventure, relaxing, making, and meeting.  Workshops include things like:  Reclaimed Woodworking, Gemstone Jewelry Making, Ring Soldering, Leatherworks, Bitters and Shrubs for Cocktails, Oil Painting, Mixology 101, Baking, Wood Whittling, Beerology, and beyond.

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“The workshops were legit as f*ck.” – 2015 Camper

“Rekindled my interest in getting off my ass and being artistic.” – 2015 Camper

“They weren’t dinky projects…they were f*cking awesome and ANYONE could do them.” – 2015 Camper


Do I register now?

Oh almost!  Registration opens at 6pm on Friday, June 10 HERE (at that time there will be no password required).

We’ve opened up 30 more spots than last year and think this shit will eventually sell out.


We totally get it. You can sure as heck think about it but camp does have a max that we are expecting to reach!  If you snooze, you’ll have a lame Labor Day Weekend.  And no, unfortunately if you were the only 1 of your 5 friends who didn’t register right away we can’t get sneak you in (emoji sad face right there, man!).  But we will feel bad for you because FEELINGS.

“It was SO AWESOME to spend 48 hours with so many badass people.  I left feeling so motivated (and a little hungover)…but mostly motivated to go out and kick some ass.” – 2015 Camper


Camp begins Friday, Sept 2 between 7-8:30pm and commences Sunday, Sept 4 around 2-ish pm.

Here’s a little possible (POSSIBLE) itinerary for anyone like me (Ashley) who needs to know more before I commit:


  • 7-8:30pm – Arrive and get started with a camp patio mixer.  Coming alone?  We’ll take care of that!
  • Campfire foods.
  • Campfire stories.


  • Trumpet Call
  • Fitness Badge options
  • Camp Clubs + Breakfast
  • Workshop Session 1 options
  • Workshop Session 2 options
  • Lunchy Lunch
  • Free Time (sunbathing, water things, field things, naptime, epic camp battle)
  • Workshop Session 3 options
  • Happy Hour / Free Time
  • Epic Dinner Party
  • Campfire Dessert
  • Dance Party with 2 enormous wheeled in subwoofers
  • Outdoor Movie Screening


  • Trumpet Call
  • Fitness Badge Options
  • Early Risers Continental Breakfast / Punch-Someone-in-the-Face-Because-I’m-too-Tired-Coffee
  • Epic Brunch
  • Workshop Session 4 options
  • Commemorative Camp Swag Making
  • Commence around 2pm-ish because we are over 21+ and need to sleep for a day before going back to the grind

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“I was really impressed by how camp managed to be simultaneously so well organized and so laid back.  I liked that there was a lot of formal structure, but that there was no pressure at all to follow it if you didn’t feel like it.  The entire atmosphere was exactly what it needed to be – fun, open, and relaxed.” – 2015 Camper

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Basically, we want you to come.  We love you.  We love lamp.  We love CAMP!  There’s some FAQ’s further down to get your head spinning with details if you are the kind of person that loves that.  Otherwise you should just go ahead and:

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Should I come the whole weekend?

YES!  Camp is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest!  Also camp is non-refundable after July 31 (but is transferrable) so go ahead and stop being afraid of commitment ADAM GRAHEK.  

I want to have a cabin with a friend!  

Totes – we do want you to meet new faces (#goalz), but in a follow up questionnaire closer to camp we can almost for sure make that happen with at least a couple of your squad.  Guys and girls are going to have separate cabins.  We thought/know it’d be too awkward to bunk married couples and other couples together.  So go sneak away if you need or skinny dip or something.

So is this just for the ladies?

Ummm hells no!  This is a badass SUMMER CAMP not a scrapbooking retreat!  We’ve enlisted guys with beards and guys without beards to help us plan this to be for ALL THE PEOPLE!  (the quote “The workshops were legit as f*ck” came from a dude so believe it – the dude abides).

Who’s coming then?

I believe YOU ARE, but anyone who needs a carefree, campy weekend!  This is NOT just for “creative people,” network-y people, or bloggers, etc etc.  This is crafted up to be the weekend that you’ve needed for a long time.  If you are 21+, of course.  

How do the workshop choices work?  

We love organizing this kind of fun so trust us, it’ll all work out.  There’ll be somewhere around 5-9 workshops offered each Workshop Session and have a max sign up based on supplies and such.  We are only choosing awesome workshops, though, so you’ll be good.  Some choices will also include things like kickball to get your sports on – hey maybe even a French class.  You’ll earn a merit badge for any you complete so you’ll definitely leave with a new skill + project(s) to enjoy at home.  PLUS we’ll have a Workshop Swap area during Camp for any extra seats that can be added to workshops or for you to swap one out to go sunbathe instead or change up your adventures.  {Last year we had a pre-registration system for camp workshops – registered campers will be notified via the electronic mail how this year will go towards the end of July.}

Merit badges, yes?

For shizzle my nizzle.  Now you can totally make this weekend what you want, but if you take time to earn 5 merit badges (to include things like “Fitness,” Workshops, Friendship, Wild Cards, and more) you’ll leave with a snazzy take-home award kind of thing that is SO WORTH IT.  We quote-i-cized “fitness” so you don’t think we are going to kick your ass.  We’ll have a few options each morning that could be epic or just really relaxed.

camp website decor-01

I’m generally a whiney, complainy, unhappy kind of person.

Well then, you are actually the only kind of person we don’t suggest taking this Camp!  Truth be told if you can’t handle an occasional change in plans, weather delays, or love being all judgey-McGee about people or choices you should go to the lake cabin instead.  Unless if you swear to whiney silence and use the weekend to have the time of your life.  The bathrooms are truly campy, the beds should not be for anyone over 12-years-old, and there is a hill up to get to your cabin that will try to drop-kick you post-dance night.  If you’ll drop the ‘tude and dance on speakers with me we’ll be best friends.  

I came last year and somehow am questioning if I should come again?  

Oh hi past camper!  Well yes, f*ck yes, you should come back!   First, the schedule was 100% spot on so we’ll keep it very similar but with a new variety of workshops – or the hottest workshops that filled and left people wanting last year.  We’ll try to talk Merryl the amazing camp maintenance guy into doing the haunted night walk he told us all about.  We are also enlisting some chosen past campers to be on the cabin crew so 35-year-olds who are hesitant to meet new people will feel a bit more comfortable saying hey-ooooooh to their cabin-mates instead of sleeping with strangers.  We’re also bringing in a friendship merit badge and will try to get Ashley to play some older dance music, too.  

Alcohol, really?

Why yes!  This Camp is only for 21+ so it doesn’t get all weird.  You’ll have plenty of other beverage options, though, if you don’t want to consume the things.  There are portions of the day that drinky drinks are available to you by our kick ass servers such as mimosas for breakfast, beers for lunch, cocktail happy hour, dance bar, and more.  You’ll get to enjoy plenty if you’d like and it’s all included!  No drugs.  That’s lame.  We all get in trouble and camp ends which means #yousuck.

Why Labor Day?!  I’m already busy!

We totally get it!  But this was the only weekend available for this kind of epic event here so we rolled with it and think you should, too (plus we get to stay a tish longer on Sunday!).  Do consider you’ll be done by 2pm on Sunday to go do all the family things Labor Day may require Sunday afternoon/Monday!  Or sleep because you’re 30-years-old and you need to.

I need to network.  Are we going to have small group break-out sessions and make sure we network the networks that make me feel more important?

That’s a big old heck no.  I mean if you call FRIENDSHIP networking then slam dunk!  But if you are trying to find another thing to consider networking to be super professional ON YOUR VACATION – and if you are hoping we use the buzz word during Camp – you’ll be sorely disappointed.  

Oh hey Larissa Loden!  The amazing jewelry designer from Minneapolis was a camper and instructor last year and look at the camp name drop in Better Homes and Gardens below!

larissa loden qhote-01

How much??  

Ok, first consider this is ALL INCLUSIVE!  But you don’t have to fly to Mexico to get the deals and worry about the water!

Registration prior to July 1:

  • 1 Camper = $255

Registration July 1 and on (if seats remain available):

  • 1 Camper = $300 (basically in our ideal world you’ll have registered by July 1 so we can be all plan-y and saved yo’ money!)

$255?!  I listen to Dave Ramsey and I’m not so sure about this!

We love us some Dave Ramsey especially thanks to our friend Cole Hooey!  We’ve actually named his alter ego Rave Damsey.  We do think, though, that both Dave and Rave would approve of treating yourself to this wonderful helluva weekend!  We are basically making this happen at cost for you (last year we went much under the deep end of budget-ness so needed to increase this awesomeness to not totally slaughter Unglued!) so this is pretty much the best bargain we could figure out for all the things included!  For reals.  

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Now you may not know Justin and I, but we do everything we can to keep this as cheap as humanly possible and making it the best experience you can wrap your mind around.  Trust us, we are not in this for the money.  We are in this to make your life KICK ALL THE ASS.

What do I need to bring?

You’ll get a campy packing list before you head to Camp and it’ll include some pretty normal camp things like bedding, swimsuit, bug spray, etc.

I have more questions!  And I need answers!

Since Ashley sucks at html we’d love for you to just go ahead and email us at and we’ll get you those answers!


Couldn’t figure out where to register?  It’s cool – go HERE!!  See you at Camp!

“There were several times that I asked myself, “What the f*ck am I doing?” (ex. Running through the dark camp in a shark costume in the pouring rain.) But it all added to the adventure.” – 2015 Camper


“Thank you so much for putting this together, it was one of the best things for me within the last couple years.” – 2015 Camper