The Annual Craft Fest

Save the date for the 8th Annual Unglued: Craft Fest Feb 23 + 24, 2018!

Vendor applications are open HERE beginning November 1, 2017 through December 10, 2017.

Below you’ll find our FAQ’s and check out our 2017 Fest photo recap HERE!  Don’t miss supporting our amazing previous sponsors, too!

The 8th annual Unglued: Craft Fest is coming to downtown Fargo on Feb 23 and 24, 2018 at the beautiful Plains Art Museum!  After January 1 and as we continue to get closer to the Fest you’ll find a peek at our schedule and Fest details below.

faqs for fest website-01What is Unglued: Craft Fest?

Unglued: Craft Fest is a modern handmade craft fair showcasing the crazy awesome talent of our community and beyond in downtown Fargo, North Dakota.  Going on our 8th year as an annual craft fest on Feb 23 & 24, 2018, Unglued: Craft Fest taking care of that cabin fever in February with inspired creative fun and events!  We feature about 70 carefully curated modern handmade makers, artists, and crafters at the Plains Art Museum along with free workshops for kids and adults, craft beer garden, free museum gallery admission, and more fun in the great dead of winter.  In 2015 we were awarded ND Event of the Year by the ND Tourism Department!

When is the next Unglued: Craft Fest?

February 23 & 24, 2018 at the Plains Art Museum downtown Fargo!  This year will kick off with our Friday evening Craft “Preview Party”!  It’ll be a ticketed event to allow for a more laid back first look shopping night and includes all kinds of goodness to make the night completely awesome with a cash bar, live DJ, and make and takes included in admission throughout the venue!  Saturday will be “The Main Event” with free admission, a full schedule of free workshops for kids and adults, craft beer garden, scavenger hunt, and more!  More information will follow around January 1 and as we get closer to the date on the Preview Party and The Main Event.

What’s with the Friday night event?

We take our feedback from crafters and shoppers very seriously as we strive make each fest better than the last.  Every year we make changes to the next Fest weekend!  Six years ago we started a Friday evening “Gala” night to allow for a more relaxed shopping night and to be able to meet and talk with the vendors more.  In 2018 this Gala evening will change to our Craft Preview Party – similar to the Gala but picture a bit more party-esque and more casual with make and takes throughout the night in admission, a live DJ, cash bar, and lower ticket price for admission!  More info can be found here after January 1 to find out ticket prices and everything this sweet night will involve as the Preview Party.  Keep in mind Saturday is FREE admission and more family friendly – and expands into the Center for Creativity, too.


For The Shoppers

Do I need to come right away Saturday morning?

No, but there will typically be free swag bags with coupons and samples to the first 100 attendees.  The swag bags will also have Golden Tickets hidden throughout them!  If you receive one you are able to spend Unglued cash at the booth of your choice that day!  Throughout the day there will be some pretty amazing food and drinks, craft workshops, and fun that you should also check out…  We’ll keep updating this info with new things for 2018 after the new year!

Is this going to be awesome?

YES.  It’ll be our Eighth Annual Fest.  It’s going to be epic.

What should I bring?

A friend and cash – and a recyclable bag to carry home your treasures!

For The Crafters

How do I get in?

Applications are open November 1 – December 10, 2017 HERE.  There are about 70 maker booths available and each year we have 2-3x’s the applications come in than can fit in the Fest!  The fest is juried by a group of local business and gallery owners, avid craft fair shoppers, art teachers, graphic designers, and more.  The main categories that determine booth acceptance are innovativeness, craftsmanship, uniqueness, and ultimately the fit with Unglued’s vision of modern handmade.  Certain categories are definitely more competitive such as jewelry and hand sewn items.  We also typically do not accept finer art that is better served with our local galleries and other area fine art events.  While there is so much work we love that is submitted, unfortunately we are not able to include it all in the Fest with our space limitations and to keep a good variety for shoppers.  You will be notified on or before January 1, 2018 if you were accepted for a booth.

If you have been an Unglued: Craft Fest vendor before be sure to showcase in your application progress and growth in your work.  We absolutely love and appreciate our previous vendors, but if we have the same booths every year we will become more of a traditional fest!

Also – if you are a part of our brick and mortar shop please treat your application as the real deal – our jury will not be aware if your work is carried in our shop so be sure to showcase your best, too!  This also means being a part of our shop is not an automatic “in” for the Fest either – we massively appreciate and are stoked you have work with us – the shop wouldn’t exist without you – but this does not give you any brownie points when you apply either as the Fest is separate of our shop!

What if I don’t get in?

We do have a wait list and you will be notified if you got placed on it!  Please know that some categories are just way more competitive than others and thus in order to ensure variety and vendor success there are only so many accepted within it.  On occasion your work may be a category all on its own but fit a traditional show better than our focus on a modern style of crafting – the whole reason we started this Fest so we can support those who typically haven’t sold well at traditional shows!  


Can I share a booth?

YES!  As long as you would fit in a 6’x8’ spot and apply together on the same application.

Can I have a larger booth?

With the amount of awesome applications we receive we do not allow full double booths, however you may request a corner booth once accepted.

Will I be able to see my space ahead of time?

Yes!  Once accepted you will find out a date about 2-3 weeks prior to the Fest for our Vendor Meet-up at the Plains Art Museum!  We will show you your spot and answer questions.  If you aren’t able to make that date we can also send you a photo of the approximate space.

This is my first Fest and I’m overwhelmed!

This year we will host a first timer meet-up about a month prior with a previous vendor there to help answer questions!

I need a wall, electricity, wifi, tables, chairs, etc. for my booth!

Couple things – once accepted you will be able to request electricity and other aspects of your booth space like being against a wall.  However, it’s important to note that we are working in a unique venue with the museum and there are pillars, wall abnormalities, and also unforeseeable reasons that booths will need to move spots.  We do everything literally possible to make your experience kick ass with us, but need our vendors to be flexible in this unique situation!  You are not allowed to use the walls, windows, or pillars to display your work and will need to plan accordingly.  There is wifi but accessibility is not guaranteed with the amount of people using it at once so always have a back up plan if you need data/wifi.   The museum has chairs for everyone to use and a limited amount of tables that you can request to use for free until they are out prior to Fest day!

Why is this happening in the dead of winter?

Because it is the dead of winter!  You wouldn’t believe how many attendees are overheard saying this was a perfect time of year to get out and have something awesome going on (and look forward to!).  Our first year in 2011 pulled in over 2,000 attendees in the little Legion building and had a line wrapping around the block to get in and now we get over 5,000 people coming even in the worst weather because our community is awesome.  Also, we love and support the fairs going on before Christmas and wanted to offer a sweet, indie-esque fair when not a whole lot are happening to keep the creative community rolling and connected!

Be sure to make a day (and evening!) of it and watch for more info soon!

Kalyn and Chelsea me

Interested in helping making this event even greater? Become a sponsor! We are also looking for volunteers to make the day a seamless experience for attendees and vendors. Email ungluedcraftfest [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

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We cannot thank our amazing 2017 sponsors enough for helping make this Fest happen each year! Please support the heck out of them!


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If your question hasn’t been answered here, give us a holla at our email ungluedcraftfest [at] gmail [at] com!