About Us

We love creativity. We love the handmade. We do find a pretty good, if not overwhelming, amount of it online – and that makes us excited. But we want more! We want to be able to SEE the creativity, FEEL the products, and TALK about them with the creators. We want to connect with people around the Midwest and Fargo, ND who have the drive and appreciation for the creatively handmade and give them a market that is bursting at the seams, waiting for something like Unglued to happen here.

Ashley & Justin

Unglued grew out of a small group of friends working 9-5 jobs and meeting up late at night to sew and be creative. As some started to sell their new-found creativity online and at traditional craft fairs…and after a crazy road trip to Des Moines…we were inspired to grow this creative community in whatever ways we could here in Fargo, ND! Along the way we met others doing amazing work but not being crazy successful at traditional fairs and venues. In a couple months we pulled together Fargo’s first-ever indie (“modern”) craft fair – Unglued: Craft Fest – in 2011 and it was a smashing success!

Unglued 2011

Our crafters loved having an audience of like-minded creatives and handmade enthusiasts pulled together in one sweet day and the community bought the heck out of this fresh, new take on crafting. Part of the feedback we received was to do multiple fairs a year or open a shop representing these creative wares made by local and regional artisans. We considered the options and decided we would host Unglued: Craft Fest annually to be one big incredible day and to try out a brick and mortar shop downtown Fargo as a pop up in the winter of 2011.


Unglued: Christmas Market was a five-week shop that was quite the adventure! Hosting workshops, live music, and free treats it was a completely magical holiday shopping experience…and we ventured a guess that our community could take on more than a pop up. While considering a full-time shop we hosted the 2nd annual Unglued: Craft Fest at the beautiful and historic Plains Art Museum. All 3 levels were full of new and emerging modern crafters and artists.

The excitement from the crowd was pure awesome! See for yourself:


In August 2012 we went for it and opened up a permanent Unglued: Market downtown Fargo at 408 Broadway. Very much desiring to be more than a place to shop, we worked with a new local bakery called Bakeology to sell cupcakes & Peace Coffee in Minneapolis for coffee and began to host an assortment of creative workshops for kids & adults. We currently host over 300 local and regional artists with about 10% further throughout the US to add great variety.

Unglued Market

This movement continues. The interest in unique, quality, handmade products is growing as the interest lessens in products that are mass produced overseas. At Unglued: Market you can learn about the makers and know that time, creativity, design work, and love went into your product within your own city and nearby. At Unglued: Craft Fest you can meet the makers and discover new and emerging ones!


Artist Submissions

If you are one of these creative crafters, artists, or DIY’ers, we are excited to get in touch with you! Please do not stop by the shop with your wares – we only consider items that are emailed to us in order to give our customers a fun, uninterrupted experience while shopping.  Email ungluedcraftfest@gmail.com with the subject “Artist Submission.”  Include in your email where you reside, the type of work you would like to have considered at the shop, and 3-5 photos of your work OR a website that would include these photos along with some info about you and your work.  More info will be emailed to you if your work is something we can consider and usually takes 4 weeks with the amount of submissions we receive.  Thanks so much for your interest – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Unglued is located at 408 Broadway in downtown Fargo, ND!